canadian-flagWell, here we are again – Canada Day!!! The day where booze and fireworks – not to mention BBQ’s and outdoor events are sure to be plenty! In Medicine Hat, however – we are lacking festivities. Not saying that the Canada day people and volunteers here suck….but, the Music festival we had – Sandfly Festival…..has been dampened. I think the “Highlight” for most people, will be The Stampeders.

So – I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. I will be taking a day off from the Business plan – to host a new episode of the podcast – and, will also be doing another one on Saturday as well.

Tomorrow’s episode will be released sometime after 9pm or so MDT – and, will feature music from Canadian Artists and bands! How cool is that?!?!

This will give me the chance to bring in some of the other independent bands and artists that I haven’t had much of a chance to play – and, even some new one’s that I’ve brought in – or, Artists who have released new stuff!

Here’s what I have in my head for what’s gonna be on tap!

  1. Scatterheart
  2. Sarah McLachlan (her new CD, “Laws Of Illusion just dropped last week!)
  3. Manafest
  4. K-os
  5. Classified
  6. Stars (They’ve got a new CD out, “The Five Ghosts”)
  7. Ten Second Epic
  8. Swollen Members
  9. Framing Hanley (New CD "A Promise To Burn” – OUT NOW!)
  10. The Birthday Massacre

…….And Many, MANY more!

So, if your plans are lacking – or, you’re out there partying – let me be the DJ of your party, and tune into the podcast tomorrow!

Trust….it’s gonna be the BEST!