Added: October 20, 2008

Posted by ToxicDoom | Monday, October 20, 2008 |

Yay! I've made another appearance! Well, i've been busy today - getting some new music added to the rotation of what you can expect to hear! There will be another post tonight ASAP about new CD Releases as well - since Tuesday is the day we all know and love! Anyway, on to the new music

  • Bif Naked: Canada's own punk/rock princess has returned with her Juno award winning sound! Her 2005 CD, Superbeautifulmonster is in stores now (And, really easy to find if you're Canadian.) Even though there has been no new stuff from the band for quite some time, 4 of her albums (Bif Naked, I Bificus, Purge and Superbeautifulmonster) have made their way to the podcast!
  • Blue Rodeo: What do i have to honestly say about these guys, other than Simply BRILLIANT! Country-Rock crooners blue Rodeo, backed by none other than Jim Cuddy, have made their debut! Over a span of 20 years and counting, they have released 12 CDs, 1 Greatest hits compilation, and TONS of #1 hits, videos, and the Juno awards to boot. Their newest CD released earlier last year, "Small Miracles" has spawned 3 hits "C'mon", "3 Hours Away" & "This Town"
  • Constantines: An indie rock band from Canada. Not that highly known (And, neither is the label.) They have been labeled as, "Art-Punk", and were formed out of the breakup of Bryan Webb and Doug MacGregor's band, Shoulders. They have been compared to such acts as The Clash, Fugazi, Bruce Springsteen, The Replacements, and Nick Cave.
  • Dyonisis: To prove that i really AM global, comes Dyonisis. Out of Sheffield, UK, these Gothic rockers will BLOW YOU AWAY! I could not say this any better, so, let's let Ravenheart Music do it for me :) "...Sheffield based DYONISIS are fronted by Nel Cave and Lou Welsby. This CD by Dyonisis is cool atmospheric rock, and I love it!. This is not really a CD to headbang too, but you could find yourself chilling out to it."
  • Of Montreal: Don't let the name fool you. They are NOT from Montreal, but, rather a play on a girl from montreal (Who the band is named after.) A really unique sound for a band that comes out of the U.S. They sound almost like The Beatles, with a little more..."oomph" to them.
  • Poe: ...has found her way back to the podcast. This is the 2nd Gothic add this week. Shades of Tori amos and sarah mclachlan ooze from her...but, with a very unique add with the voice of hers. If ya haven't checked her out, make sure ya do! She'll be a constant staple here!
  • K-os: Canadian Hip-Hopper/Rapper has emerged yet again. Joyful Rebellion made him a HUGE fan base here...and, has broken a little bit of ground amongst the mainstream acts in the U.S. Not widely known, he brings a unique sound only Canada could bring to hip-hop and rap. With wicked beats, and awesome, powerful lyrics, he's spawned such hits as "Man i used to be", "Crabbuckit" and "Crucial" - sounds almost like a male rihanna :D