On a little bit of a break!

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Hey guys! I know it's been awhile since i've posted here - and, it's really a matter of me forgetting my password, and the email that was associated with this account had been...terminated lol.

Anyways - right now, i feel it's best to tell ya where i'm at with the podcast right now. I'm in the middle of contemplating a few things - mainly about the podcast. I have to figure out where i want to go from here. It's been almost 4 years, and it hasn't really gone anywhere lately. For a few reasons i suppose. Also, because i barely have the time to do anything right now, doesn't help.

I'm at a point in my life right now where i'm wanting to finish my schooling too. I've gotta get my grade 12, and i wanna do that sometime early in the new year. So, if i do that, i don't have the time to pump out new episodes.

So - for the mean time, the podcast is being put on hold. Sorry.

But - if ya feel like it, you can follow me on my NEW Twitter account: http://twitter.com/ToxicDoom

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Post #170 - 2nd round starts today!

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It's Thursday today - so, we all know what i meant! That's right! The 2nd round of the NHL Playoffs start today. I figured it's time for me to 'weigh in'...even though i'm not a "pro" at this :P

Look at that, you're my test subjects! lol

I would've done this yesterday...but, i didn't think about it til now for some reason. Plus, i woulda looked stupid typing stuff i didn't know oO. Anyways, i have the matches in front of me now.

Carolina Vs. Boston: Geeze....you know how hard it's gonna be to go against the Bruins this year? They beat that Habs in 4 games! Christ! lol. Most teams can't do that. I blame Montreal for that though. They're the ones that want to get rid of Guy. Not "Guy" lol. haha. So, as for that....the Habs lost 8 or 9 games in a bloody row. That's what happens when ya get that combo of switching a head coach who had shit handled....and, the team re-adjusting....yea, of course it's gonna mess with the game. I don't hate the players...i hate some of the people behind the scenes.

Of course, take into play Boston. Boston's been doing amazing this year! Wow...they're like the Flyers of last year. The flyers put on a horrid season in 2006...came back last year, and proved people wrong. There's your big middle finger in the air for the non-believers. And, after the trade with Thornton to San Jose....and, the hell of a season the Bruins have had this year ...very awesome! Now, those are some "Behind the scenes" guys that make it count! They had awesome picks in the draft...and, am anxious to see what they're gonna do in the off season til October!

I Predict: Boston in 5

Pittsburgh Vs. Washington: This again is gonna be an amazing game! Just as was predicted between the Caps and Rangers in round 1. Need i mention all the regular season games between these 2 teams? Ovechkin for the Caps - Crosby for the Penguins. There are definitely more power monsters on these 2 teams....but, wow. Oh yes...i forgot! Malkin....who the hell can forget him? That's the russian force....when ya have players in a rivaly like that?!?! *Drools*

The Caps came back to force a game 7 between the Rangers in round 1. If that doesn't say anything...i dunno what will! Nobody would've guessed that would've happened. But, they did it. They tied it up in the last 31 seconds of the game. Then, took the lead. Held it til the end! That was a nice moment in sports...another one of those "Wow" moments that ya get to witness every now and then. I mentioned the Flyers earlier. The Caps had a bad record when it came to round 1 playoffs. So, to see them come up and kick the Rangers asses....more specifically Avery. And, that dumbass coach that came from Tampa Bay. Yea, i'm sorry coach - but, if your ass gets booted 1 game....that says a LOT. Like...as in, don't open your fuckin' mouth about a player or players. You should know that by Avery. Which is 1 subject i'm so not getting into....lol.

Trust me...i could if i wanted to lol.

Pick: Pittsburgh. I'm sorry....i can't go against Crosby...even though i know the Caps deserve it just as much. Malkin will have a good outing too.

Anaheim Vs. Detroit: Now, this is interesting. But, i don't have to comment that much. Geeze, thanks for ruining my fun Red Wings! lol. Yea....ok, i honestly used to hate the Red Wings. I still do when they play Edmonton or Dallas. But, that's only because the players are...phenomenally gifted. To say the least. And, yea...Yzerman doesn't hurt much either. They retired his number cause he was just that damn good - and, still is behind the scenes. I don't hate the Red Wings or their history. I have much respect for an original 6 team. But...i can hate when ya play Canadian teams ;)

The Ducks....well, for me...they used to be the laughing stock of the league. I'm sorry....but, am i mistaken, or did Disney put a bunch of "Mighty Duck" movies out when they were entering the league? lol. Yea...Disney owns them. Well, at least...did...at one point. That's just not right! Disney does not belong in sports....why they bought stake in ESPN is beyond me...and, to brand it with ABC sports? God...that's wrong on so many levels! lol.

Neither here nor there. Lately though - it's not true. Over the past 3 years, they've constantly been in the playoffs....and, made some good headway at it. So did Carolina when they beat the Oilers a few years back. Plus, the year before that...they won the cup because of the Niedermayer's. Yea, they showed why they're no longer a laughing stock. They've built a good team, Starting with Pronger (I won't get into the whole drama side why he left Edmonton)

Contenders? You got it!

Pick: Even though the Ducks will give the Wings a run for their money.....i've gotta go with the wings. They have strong lines and players. They're strong in the playoffs, and have a mindset of winning the cup again. Can the wings make it 2 years in a row? Well...we'll see when they move on!

I pick the wings in 4

Canucks Vs. Blackhawks: If you're looking for the "Flyers" Story of 2009...look no further than the Canucks. It took a little while for Sundin to settle in all nice and cozy after the trade to Vancouver. Most fans know Sundin from his days with the Leafs. But, once he got settled...he sure loved the twins! Not in that way you sick, sick...sickos :P lol. What can i say? He's a perfect fit in that line!

You can't escape the fact that Vancouver has it all in check right now. They're coming from a half decent season, riddled with some injuries of course...but, they've almost always triumphed. They didn't "Beat the odds"....not yet. Maybe soon...but, not yet.

I can honestly say i haven't seen much of the blackhawks. That's one of the teams i can't follow that often. But, i also know they have some decent players...but, maybe i should follow this series a little closely! I'd love to see more of the Blackhawks....i barely got a chance to this season.

Pick: I'm biased right now lol. I know they both have a chance though....but, i won't go into details! Maybe tonight after the game....i'll have my 2 cents lol.

Hope ya enjoyed the entry! And...get used to it! There's gonna be tons more of these sort of entries to come!

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title goes...here?

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It's almost May - so, i figure it's time to...show my face around here again. There's really not that much to talk about right now. I've had a few thoughts, so...why not get into that? :)

I've been thinking about adding Some mainstream music. Not much of it. But, a few bands that i've been getting into hardcore. And, trust me when i say that there will be more independent stuff. Nothing's really changed lol. But, i've been looking...and 30 gigs just isn't a bunch of music. Some of these include Evans Blue and some others - but, nothing like well known "pop" bands. So, no....you won't be hearing Britney or anything anytime soon.

I prob'ly scared some people now! lol.

Anyways.....what else have i been looking into?

Well - i know my podcast player button still doesn't work. I've tried to mod it....but, it just won't go. There's also a problem....at this blog anyways....about embedding flash stuff into the posts. The odeo player i tried to embed the other day, wouldn't work lol. So - i'm looking into something that will...obliterate that. Any videos i post - will be over on the facebook group. So, anything video wise....be sure to check out the facebook!

Ummm....also! I've been wanting to add comedy to the playlist of things since i've been doing this podcast. So, after 3 years....that's not just a pipe dream anymore. I'll be doing shows every now and then that feature comedy. I can do 2 shows a week....if that's what people want. Instead of screwing up the music show. Let me know what ya all think!

And, i'm also thinking of going with another look. This one seems really limited. I can't add what i wanna add....and, do what i wanna do. Plus...nothing wants to work right lol. The colours are alright....but, darker is better. But, it's not just that. I wanna make it stand out more...cause, it's not doin' it's job right! lol.

Anyways - off that topic. People are wondering why i'm not covering anything to do with the swine flu. My 2 cents is this. There's enough....panic out there with people on twitter tweeting all the time. The deaths, the ammount of people...everything. Seriously, people need to calm the hell down for a bit lol. So, instead of me adding to that panic, and all that other shit....yea, you guys won't be hearing about any of that BS on this blog.

So, for the next couple of days....it might be quiet around here. Not just because of that...but, because of...everything in this entry. However...music news, cd info...tour dates....all that other fun stuff - will be on here!

My first new review in awhile is coming soon too! It'll be of The Birthday Massacre's new live CD "Show & Tell" i should have a copy coming sometime next week! So, when i get it...you'll be the first to know about it.

So - that's it for now!

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Episode 116 Now LIVE!

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I screwed up with the title! lol. It's supposed to be Episode 116: Title? What Title? But...i accidentally made it 115...again lol. Blame the tiredness. But, here's the show! I do know that the podtrac player pop-up doesn't work - so, i'll do it one better tonight!

You can use this link to listen to it. If you have FoxyTunes installed, just click the link, and it'll use the MP3 player included. You can also Right click on the link and "Save target as...."

Episode 116: Title? What Title?

Edit: There's a problem with Flash content. So, the player i wanted to embed in here before - won't work. So, the only way to listen to the show right now, other than subscribing, is to use the direct link above to the MP3 file! Hopefully, this problem won't last too long....and, if it does, i'll look into embedding Windows Media Player or something for further releases.

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Weekend News Update!

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News from this week's episode of the podcast - and, then some!

Seether: Seether's rendition of "Careless Whisper" is now available on the re-released version of Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces (out everywhere). Now check out the band's picks of 80's Classics. Check out their "Guilty Pleasures" and click here

Also -Seether's "Careless Whisper" is a featured ringtone on AT&T this week! Check it out here or shop on your phone in the Media Mall "New Arrivals" section.

For all other carriers, you can find it in the mobile store of your phone or shop online, or check it out on iTunes for those of you with iPhones!

Elise Estrada: Live in Concert June 13 @ Glad Tidings in Vancouver B.C! Tickets are $25/$35 - and, is ALL AGES Show! Want tickets? go to ticketmaster.ca or call: (604)-584-1388 or (604)-280-4444

Also - Elise is now on Youtube! you can get to her Video channel by going here: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOfficialEliseE

Site and Podcast related: I'm looking at adding a few things to the site. Most notably, user created things. As to what yet - i'm not 100% sure. But, if you have any ideas - let me know!

You can now follow me on Twitter! If you want the full version, and not just the updates in the smaller version on this site, go to http://twitter.com/toxicast and become a follower!

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Episode 116 tonight!

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My schedule's been whacked to say the least. I just got up again about an hour ago. After going to bed this afternoon @ 1:30. Hey now! I was watching season 1 of Californication! Have to get ready for season 3 this fall, ya know? lol.

So, i'm ready to go at it now! I went to the store, bought this Hardcore Energize Bullet. Wow. Very potent shit i tell ya! I felt like death warmed over when i woke up. Had no energy, was lifeless....now, that's changed - and, i only had 2 gulps lol. Not like i'm gonna down it all in 1 go :)

Anyways, i'm making the playlist for tonight's episode...and, there will be a ton of stuff in there that's been added since the last show!

Post coming when the episode is done, and posted live!

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Aloha! From Hell!

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Weird title, I know! lol. But, it kind of fits for this one - seeing as how that's actually the band's name! I'm pleased to announce that these guys made it on to the playlist for the podcast...and, will be another dominant force on the show.

Simple how i got hooked on them - similar artist thing on last.fm ...similar to another band i'm hooked on, Paramore - which, by no decision of mine, had to be pulled for the time being.

But, that's another topic for another time....maybe :P

Anyways - thanks to a friend, i got a copy of their CD - which will end up in my collection as soon as i get out of being broke lol. What's hard to imagine is that the lead singer, Vivien-Eileen - is only 16 years old! For her to convey such emotion in every single song on their debut is just...phenomenal!

The oldest in the group is actually Andy. He's 22 on April 28.

You'd think that would normally be a cause for disaster - i can hear it now...."oh no! Not another teen pop group!* All i have to say to that is: You could NOT be any more wrong! If you love Paramore, or Avril Lavigne...this is right up your alley! Here's a little more info about the band I scrounged up.

Aloha From Hell are five young people from the Aschaffenburg/Bavaria area in Germany. From day one Vivi, Moo, Andi, Feli and Max committed themselves completely to rock music. On stage as well as on CD, the exceptionally charming singer Vivi displays a rare talent to mesmerize listeners of all age and musical taste immediately. Sometimes sassy, sometimes romantic, sometimes raucous, sometimes sensitive, but always equipped with compelling choruses, the young singer and her band achieve what so many acts in recent years have tried in vain: they strike a chord in people and they do that convincingly.

Backed by a young, highly talented rhythm unit (consisting of two guitars, bass and drums) Aloha From Hell deliver modern rock music with the undoubted potential for international success. They have the ability to write catchy songs of high quality that really hit the point.

Last year the Alohas deservedly won the “Bandnewcomer Contest”, a competition initiated by Germany’s biggest youth magazine, BRAVO. The victory led to a record deal with SONY BMG - a dream come true for the five youngsters. Aloha From Hell are a committed gang of teenagers who know well that they have to grab the chance they have been given now. For the last year the band rehearsed up to five times a week – an astonishing figure regarding that all the members still have to attend school. Time management is apparently a big issue in their lives: rehearsals in Aschaffenburg, recordings in Berlin, photo shootings in Munich, and the preparation for their first big show (Aloha From Hell played the “BRAVO Supershow” in Nuremberg on the 3rd of May), all these thing have to be fitted into the daily routine of these otherwise ordinary pupils.

Even though nothing has been released yet, there are already Aloha From Hell fan clubs in Spain, France and of course Germany. “This is pure motivation for us”, explains Andy, who plays rhythm guitar. The debut single “Don’t Gimme That” was released in Germany in June. The accompanying video clip was filmed in Berlin and is available on Aloha From Hell’s YouTube.

Moo: “Working in the studio is without a doubt an interesting experience. We learn so many things each day. Promotion is important, too. But I belong on stage, that’s what makes you a rock band, to play live and inspire people. Every member of the band feels like that and that’s why we are currently putting all our energy into the live preparations.”

Be sure about this: Even if the Alohas may be extremely young, they still have the potential to make it big in the music business. They don’t get irritated by the current wave of German bands who sing in German. “We are completely aware that bands like Tokio Hotel, Panik, Killerpilze and also singer LaFee are very popular and extremely successful. Surely they earned this and of course we really respect that. But they are in a completely different world. We are determined to sing in English – we are not able to tell exactly why but we feel very comfortable with that. Our musical heroes are international acts - punk, metal, pop and rock bands. The only criterion is: It has to be good music.”

“We work hard, but we see all the fuss and stress that awaits us very relaxed”, says bass player Max. “Since the formation of the band two years ago we rehearsed intensively to be able to play live. No we have great partners on your side and we are still on target to achieve our main task: We want to enter the stage and never do anything else – just music, music, music!”

Want more info on the band? Check out their official Site!

If you've got MySpace, and wanna friend them - be sure to go the Official one Here

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Come to Alberta - no wait, it's Britain

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If this doesn't top how stupid some of the people in the government are - here's further proof! There's a serious issue here - especially if you're spending $25 million to "Rebrand" Alberta as one of the better provinces. Honestly, i'd really love it if Steven Harper came up with this idea, or approved it in some way.

Alberta is trying to rebrand itself these days - apparently, as England.

Provincial officials have found themselves defending the use of a scenic beachfront photo in the province's new $25-million public relations campaign, which was launched last month to counter criticism of Alberta's oilsands development.

However, it turns out a photo featured front and centre in the campaign - showing a boy and a girl running along a rugged beachfront - isn't from Alberta.

The picture was shot near the village of Bamburgh in Northumberland, 70 kilometres north of Newcastle-on-Tyne. In England, it's a famous beach, near Bamburgh Castle, known as the legendary home of Sir Lancelot.

"There's no attempt to make people think that this is Alberta," said Tom Olsen, director of media relations for Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach. "There's no attempt to mislead. That picture just fit the mood and tone of what we were trying to do."

Olsen said the picture was chosen because of its foreign location to represent Albertans' interest in global issues. In the province's promotional video, he said, the voice-over that accompanies the picture speaks of Alberta's interest in the future, not just of the province, but of the world.

Sheelagh Caygill, the public relations and marketing executive at Northumberland Tourism, was tickled to hear that the Alberta government is spending millions to showcase her region's famous beach.

Edmonton Journal

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The Unravelling - Newly Added!

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After Calgary hardcore act Inner Surge disbanded last year on the heels of their last release, An Offering, front-man Steve Moore still managed to keep busy. He continued to promote the album and moved forward working his Vancouver-based industrial/trip-hop act Post Death Soundtrack. It wasn’t long before PDS released their album, Music As Weaponry but it appears for Moore, there is no rest for the wicked.

Moore is now working on a new collaboration with another Calgary musician, Gustavo De Beauville under the moniker the Unravelling. For the past couple of months the duo have posted demo versions of much of their material on their web site and continue recording for the debut album, 13 Arcane Hymns, intended for release later this year. Consiering Moore’s work ethic and track record, one can be assured that this will certainly see the light of day by years-end.

This week, the Unravelling are offering the new version of a track titled “My Resignation” as a free download on their web site for those who are members of the site (which is completely free). You’ll also be able to stream new versions of “Move Forward Until You Are Dead“, “Last Rights Protest” and 8 other tracks. Having cited influences such as Dead Can Dance, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Jeff Buckley and Dillinger Escape Plan, you can certainly here some, if not all of these in their music.

Recording of 13 Arcane Hymns is close to completion with renowned Calgary producer Casey Lewis laying drum tracks later this month before he masters the completed project. Moore and De Beauville now have the task of searching for a gig drummer to perform with them when they begin scheduling dates.

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The Birthday Massacre are back at it! To further promote their upcoming live CD Release, "Show And Tell", they are doing a worldwide tour! The tour starts on April 21...and, begins in Buffalo, NY! This is the poster for the schedule.

You can click on the poster to go to the tour info on their website! From there, you can find your venue of choice, and it'll take ya to the place where ya can buy tickets. Keep in mind, that it is cheaper to buy the tickets online in advance than it would be to buy tickets at the door (This should be...common sense)

There are still some major announcements coming about the Toronto show....as well as many of the others! And, don't forget that it is cheaper to buy the tickets online, in advance!

Don't forget - Show & Tell will be released in 2 weeks, on May 5, 2009. You can pre-order the CD Here if you live in North America, and Here if you live in Europe.

I will have the CD as soon as it's released. So, expect a huge show 2 friday's from now!

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Just minutes ago the verdict in the case of The Pirate Bay Four was announced. All four defendants were accused of ‘assisting in making copyright content available’. Peter Sunde: Guilty. Fredrik Neij: Guilty. Gottfrid Svartholm: Guilty. Carl Lundström: Guilty. The four receive 1 year in jail each and fines totaling $3,620,000." - Torrenfreak.com

Peter Sunde said on twitter - "Relax, nothing will happen with the TPB, us personaly or file-sharing at all. This is just a theater for the media."

While only a few weeks ago, it seems like an eternity since the trial of The Pirate Bay Four ended and the court retired to consider its verdict. The prosecution claimed that the four defendants were ‘assisting in making copyright content available’ and demanded millions of dollars in damages. The defense did not agree, and all pleaded not guilty - backed up by the inimitable King Kong defense.

Today, Friday April 17, the court issued its decision: article continuously updated

“The court has found that by using Pirate Bay’s services there has been file-sharing of music, films and computer games to the extent the prosecutor has stated in his case,” said the district court. “This file-sharing constitutes an unlawful transfer to the public of copyrighted performances.”

Peter Sunde (born September 13, 1978) alias ‘brokep’:
Verdict: Guilty - 1 year in prison, damages to pay: $905,000

Peter Althin, brokep’s lawyer said, “I spoke to Peter and he wasn’t very surprised. A journalist he’d spoken to knew an hour before it was public that all four would be convicted. The verdict was leaked from the court. I have to think about what effects that can have on the sentence. It is unacceptable that the court is leaking.”

Fredrik Neij (born April 27, 1978) alias ‘TiAMO’:
Verdict: Guilty - 1 year in prison, damages to pay: $905,000

Gottfrid Svartholm (October 17, 1984) alias ‘Anakata’:
Verdict: Guilty - 1 year in prison, damages to pay: $905,000

Anakata’s lawyer Ola Salomonsson said, “We’re appealing. It’s very surprising that the court has chosen to treat the accused as a team.”

Carl Lundström (born April 13, 1960)
Verdict: Guilty - 1 year in prison, damages to pay: $905,000

The court said that the four defendants worked as a team, were aware that copyrighted material was being shared using The Pirate Bay and that they made it easy and assisted the infringements. It categorized the infringements as ’severe’. The judge said that the users of The Pirate Bay committed the first offense by sharing files and the four assisted this.

While the court did not agree with the plaintiff’s exaggerated estimates of losses, it still set the damages at 30 million SEK ($3,620,000). This a hugely significant amount and the court has ordered that the four should pay this amount between them.

The judge also stated that the usage of BitTorrent at The Pirate Bay is illegal. Rest assured, other torrent sites hosted in Sweden will be keeping a close eye on developments.

The defense put it to the judge that he had folded under intense political pressure. The judge denied this stating that the court made its decision based on the case presented.

At one point the judge was asked if he was concerned for his personal safety after handing down this decision. The judge said he hadn’t received any harassment and was quite surprised at the question.

While the judge won’t be getting any flowers for this verdict, Roger Wallis who spoke in favor of The Pirate Bay at their trial and received a mountain of floral tributes in return, noted, “This will cause a flood of court cases. Against all the ISPs. Because if these guys assisted in copyright infringements, then the ISPs also did. This will have huge consequences. The entire development of broadband may be stalled.”

Peter Sunde has already explained that this decision does not mean the end of the line in this case. There will be an appeal which means we are still far away from the ultimate decision - possibly years away. Any appeal from either side must be submitted to Sweden’s higher Court by 9th May 2009.

Rasmus Fleischer, one of the founders of Piratbyrån commented, “The sentence has no formal consequence and no juridical value. We chose to treat the trial as a theater play and as such it’s been far better than we ever could have believed.”

As for the fate of the site, Peter has already promised that The Pirate Bay will continue. The site itself was never on trial, only the four individuals listed above.

If you want a comprehensive look at "SpecTrial" - including the VERY LATEST news, go to torrentfreak.com - where the article came from :)

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Scars And Souvenirs Goes GOLD

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Theory of a Deadman's Scars & Souvenirs has been officially certified RIAA Gold status. Scars & Souvenirs is the band's third Roadrunner Records release, and their first Gold album.

Frontman Tyler Connolly said, "We'd like to thank our record label, management and crew for all their hard work in helping us get Scars & Souvenirs to gold record status. We would also like to say thank you to all our fans who have bought the record and supported Theory over the years. This is a tremendous achievement for us and we are so f*****g happy!"

Theory of a Deadman is experiencing their greatest successes to date with Scars & Souvenirs. The album's first two singles "Bad Girlfriend" and "So Happy" both reached #1 on the Active Rock charts and Top 10 at Modern Rock. "Not Meant To Be" is the third single, which is currently Top 10 at Hot A/C. The track "Hate My Life" is fast becoming an anthem for our troubled times; sitting Top 5 at Rock and Top 25 on the Alternative charts.

The video for "Not Meant To Be," which features the track's co-writer, Grammy-nominated songwriter and American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, is currently in rotation on VH-1, cracking into the Top 20 this week and FUSE, where it sits at #3 on the Rock countdown. The video for "Hate My Life" is also shooting up the charts at both MTV2 and FUSE. In a rare occurrence, both videos were added to the respective channels' rotation slots in the same week!

Digital sales from Scars & Souvenirs have also proved to be very successful. "Bad Girlfriend" has sold over 625K singles to date, clocking in at over 15K per week. "Hate My Life" has sold over 130K downloads, averaging over 12K per week. Most recently, "Not Meant To Be" has seen 10 consecutive weeks of continuous growth, up 20% to 45% the past 3 weeks to over 120K downloads. This is due in no small part to the success of various singles at various different formats.

Scars & Souvenirs is Theory's best selling album to date. As singles continue to climb radio charts at all formats, sales are already fast tracked to reach platinum. This week saw the highest album sales yet since release with a 20% increase to almost 16K and a Top 40 position on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart.

Theory is currently on tour with Hinder and Black Stone Cherry, and is confirmed for Crüefest this summer.

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I'm Tweeting!

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The blog's gone through a little bit of changes since lastnight! I like the layout of this....much more improved than over @ blogger. (Yes, Shawn...i left blogger for the time being. Prob'ly won't be back lol. This is the new home.)

Anyways - i did however add Twitter. It's my first time using it...so, i'm like a virgin. In that sense anyways. I hope i get some followers - i don't want it to seem like a waste of space lol. I'd like to find some fellow EFx'ers on there who use it as well!

I will be doing some minor tweaking with the site to still come tonight. Nothing "Major" - i just wanna see if i can do something with the entry boxes (Maybe!) ...and a few minor changes with adding a subscription box up top where it used to be on blogger. As well as trying to make twitter a bit bigger. I'll worry about all that later :)

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As you may have noticed - the blog is going through some changes right now. For those of you that followed the blog on Blogger, you may have noticed that this theme i'm using now is the one i used to use on Blogger lol. The reason i went to this one was because of the layout. It's a little better in that aspect. I was going to use 2 others....but, with Del's help lastnight, i settled on this one.

God, she puts up with a lot from me LOL. But, anyways....i will be...improving the design so to speak. I got a few things to change, and it should be pimpin' after. haha..so, bear with me while this "improving" is going on. It should all be done by sometime tonight!

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is it weird that reminded me of the Placebo song, Pure Morning? lol. Anyways - i wanted to do a short entry tonight about something i did on...last Tuesday. I think. It mighta been Wednesday.

On...one of those days, i got bored and decided that i'd go through the iTunes store...to see what i could buy. People tend to ask me why i use iTunes for buying music. First off - it's the ONLY store that seems to be open 24/7/365. Online that is. That's available to Canadians. Yea, i do download my share of music as well, but, if the CD or the Artist is amazing...i have no problem purchasing it. I'm what they call a "Smart Consumer". Prob'ly the only thing "Smart". The other reason i buy with iTunes is....there's no converting of the damn CD. You know how...technical that can get? Geeze! Just trying to unwrap the CD, ya need the jaws of life.

Not to say i DON'T buy CD's - normally, those are reserved for the Deluxe CDs or Special Edition CDs. I think the last CD i bought in store was...The Eagle's Very Best Of. That was along with Evanescence's Live CD.

Now ya know where i stand on this whole concept. I don't always buy stuff i hear. Independent and Canadian music? That's a whole other story, because those are the only things i seem to support nowadays.

Anyway - i got off topic. In my looking through iTunes, i noticed that we actually had a pre-order! And, it's still there, up until tomorrow or monday. I went and pre-ordered the Tragically Hip's new CD "We Are The Same" - and, i got the first single when i did! I'm actually drooling in anticipation for this CD! They haven't released anything new since "In Between Evolution" - and, that came in 2004. almost 5 years of waiting for new Hip, and after hearing the new single (Love Is A First)...you begin to understand why they're not really a secret anymore.

If that's not good enough - i get the bonus track "Hush" as well on release date - which is this Tuesday by the way. It's kind of hard to believe that i didn't start getting hardcore into the Hip until In Violet Light was released in 2002. Sure, i'd known them for a long time...but, was only into the singles, and not an entire album. That all changed though - and, now i can honestly say i'm a...Hipster.

On that note, i also got Adam Gregory's new CD, "Crazy Days". That one made me put country back on the podcast lol. Yea, that's right - you'll actually hear some country on the podcast again. Adam's new one takes me back to his CD, "Workin' On It". The sound of it is just amazingly brilliant. The songwriting is...incapable of words. The one song i'm hooked on is "Could I Just Be Me". All ya have to do is pay attention to words...and, it sounds like a life story of sorts.

Since i'm blabbing...and, i'm done with the CDs and stuff, i wanted to throw in some randomness. First off....i'm looking into an easy way for you guys to donate to me (If you so choose) to help me out with the podcast. I don't get paid to do this - and, i do it because i love it. I don't get paid to do it, but, the satisfaction of promoting music and talent is enough for me. That and the exposure to new music is always awesome! So, for those of you interested - i will find something other than paypal (Cause, to me, PP sucks anyway!) So, that those of you that wish to throw me something for my time...can do so.

I've also been thinking that below the video...i wanna remove that, and put an "Independently Licensed" thing in that write-up instead. And, that way, i can show off some of the labels i represent instead of having just links and boring text.

Also on the agenda...i'm bringing back the Artist of the Month feature. Since EFx3 supports pages made with WordPress, i'll just make a page for that. Archiving them is gonna be a little tricky - but, i might just use my webhost that i use to host the feed on and link to them in that page as well.

The last thing i wanna do is incorporate a list of sorts to what i'm listening to right now. AKA: Not Last.fm charts or anything. More along the lines of a list of my Fave CDs at the moment that will constantly change. I might just do a CD thing similar to that of the Artist Of The Month thing that will come. I have so many ideas with these 2 things, it drives me bloody insane just thinking about it!

And, of course - You guys ALWAYS have a say! So, if you have any comments about what might compliment the site and make it one of the best...let me and others know by leaving a comment! The more, the better - ya know?

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Episode 115: Poppin' Paralyzer

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Episode 115 is Now LIVE for your listening pleasure. So, tune in and listen to it!

Also....i'm gonna be finding a new way for people to "Donate" to me of sorts. I'm in a toss up right now between iTunes Gift certificates...OR an Amazon wish list. Still deciding lol. I figure this way since most of my "Disposable Income" goes toward this shit anyways...might as well use it. I'll have it all figured out by the end of next week though...so, for those of you who wanna help me out, can do so.

However - i won't object to you guys' sending me iTunes cards or anything. Just use this email: toxicast [AT] shaw [DOT] ca[podcast]http://www.archive.org/download/ToxicTuneZ115/show115.mp3[/podcast]

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Episode 115 News

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Today's show is still going on as planned. However, due to voice issues, i will NOT be using the microphone today. So, it'll just be all music, no talk. Hopefully this won't be the case next weekend.

Also - i will no longer be posting any playlists, starting with today's show. Where's the fun in all of that? :)

I'm still thinking of some stuff to do and add to the website here. I'll have a much more clear head in a few hours when i don't have nothing going on.

So....yeaaa...there's the "News" lol

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The dead has risen...

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On Saturday night, April 3rd i will be back with a new episode! There's a new playlist i made that will be awesome! I think i did a stoner worthy playlist! lol

Some of the highlights of this weeks' show are...too many to list! From All Time Low to Matthew Good. There's gonna be some news and stuff thrown in...and, a full result of the JUNO awards last week. I knew i shoulda did a show that day. GRRRRR.

Then, the usual release of 'casts will pick up...i shouldn't be in this slump of "Whenever the next one comes" :)

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Show And Tell

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showandtellIt's been a few days since my last post...can't believe that one! But, i got some news today about The Birthday Massacre's NEW CD! A Live one to boot! I got the first *Single* of sorts today - Falling Down. I am extremely blown away by the level of quality it is. I was expecting a sort of bootleg copy of a live show that some bands put out that sound...horrible. Not this one. It kinda reminds me of The Eagles and their professionalism when they put out live stuff.

The CD itself drops in May - May 5, 2009 to be exact. It's a combo CD/DVD package...and, was recorded live in Hamburg, Germany in 2007.

This is the set list for the show. It might not be in order on the CD, but, will most likely be done in this order on the DVD.

  1. Video Kid

  2. Lovers End

  3. Goodnight

  4. Falling down

  5. Violet

  6. Red Stars

  7. Looking Glass

  8. Remember Me

  9. Unfamiliar

  10. Walking with Strangers

  11. Weekend

  12. Horror Show

  13. Kill The Lights

  14. Blue

  15. Happy Birthday

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2009 JUNO Coverage - LIVE blog!

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You heard right people! The show has just begun...and, Nickelback is rockin' it with "Something In Your Mouth". Is it just me, or did Chad Kroeger grow his hair out again? lol. Vancouver is PUMPED! The crowd is fantastic....Nickelback is feelin' the energy too. Chad's gettin' into it with the fans, gettin' them more into it. The camera angle they just did showing the crowd - there's gotta be more than 10,000 people packed in there.

Russell Peters is also the host this year - he's always great!

Nickelback just finished with a big fire boom!

hahaha....Russ just came in with this whole India dance thing. Nice to see some heritage mixed in! He's break dancing...hahaha. This is great. And, a nice tropical feel to the set right now. LOL - he just made a comment about the "Grow-op" going on with the stage. I coulda figured that was coming. And, of course, with the 2010 games coming up in Vancouver, he's making drug testing jokes. "They're just goin' to assume that all the athletes are high. Michael Phelps is desprately trying to learn how to snowboard"

Awww....what a cute couple! Diana Krall and Elvis Costello! Bryan Adams sitting right next to 'em...along with Michael Buble and Divine Brown. And, of course - give Russ a hot chick in Divine Brown, and he starts neckin' her

First Juno: Songwriter of the year.

  • Alanis Morissette

  • Nathan Ferraro

  • Gordie Sampson

  • Hedley

  • Dallas Green (City And Colour)

Juno awarded to: DALLAS GREEN Of City and Colour

YAY! First commercial 13 minutes in! Time to go get some Coffee! I'm gonna start putting times with this....and, adjust the game a little bit :)

6:16pm: It's back on! Oh yea, before i forget...if ya want more updates and videos, go to junos.ctv.ca

Sam Roberts is performing on stage. Congrats to you guys for picking up an award for Rock Album of the year during the non-televised awards ceremony. Yea, these guys are the main reason why i love rock! They're awesome live...i'd love to have the chance to see these guys live! Such hooks and catchy lines...not to mention he looks...clean now! lol. oO

6:21pm: Hedley is presenting the award for Group Of The Year

  • Simple Plan

  • The Trews

  • Great Big Sea

  • Tokyo Police Club

  • Nickelback

And the award goes to....Nickelback

6:24pm - what the hell's it gonna take for a band or an artist to thank me in their speaches? lol. Wish i could get some props...but, noooo....i'm small, nobody cares *Cries* Ok - so, one of my picks didn't pay off. I thought Great Big Sea was a shoe-in. But, Nickelback always shine's....so, i'm not let down in any way, cause they're fantastic at what they do - hell, they've been doin' it for almost 14 years now!

My other pick for songwriter of the year didn't happen either. Oh well.

6:29pm: Deborah Cox, Sarah Slean and Kreesha Turner Presenting Rap/R&B Recording of the year

  • Point Blank

  • Famous

  • DL Incognital

  • Kardinal Offishall

  • Decisive

And the JUNO goes To....Kardinal Offishall!

Awww....too bad that Kard is in Europe right now doing his tour leg over there!

6:31pm: Sarah McLachlan performing U Want Me 2. Damn, she's angelic. I'm getting "goosepimples" lol. She looks absolutely stunning too. That diamond ring on her finger is HUGE! lol. She's dancing and swaying as if she's been smokin' some of the set now. And, a major conrats to Sarah for picking up the Humanitarian Award. The name of the thing escaped my head.

That's the only thing with live blogging - it's hard to watch the TV when you're facing the other way. God, the things i do on Sundays i tell ya.

6:40pm: Back from commercials and they're backstage showing michael buble getting pimped out - thinking that he's performing lol. This is showing the whole improv aspect with Russell. Mind ya, they prob'ly wrote it for him.

Ohhhh.....Elise is presenting an award! Hmmm....yummy. Pink dress on Elise.

New Artist Of The Year:

  • Lights

  • Jessie Ferrell

  • Crystal Shawanda

  • Nikki Yanofsky

  • Kreesha Turner

And the award goes to....Lights! Congrats!

6:44pm: New Group of the year, and Alternative album of the year WINNERS - The Stills - are performing! I forgot how good these guys are!

Lights looked good too! Shiny purple dress - you could see her massive tattoo on her back...well, her side lol. But, i liked her choice of words "it's nice to know that someone can create something independently, and have it recognized" that's not word for word...but, the jist of it lol.

Since there's a commercial i need COFFEE! lol. Dallas Green with a special guest will be performing after the break. AND - Loverboy will be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame! A huge CONGRATS to Loverboy - they've been doin' this for 20 odd years now...and, i grew up on them and their music. So, it's nice to see another legendary band go into the hall of fame!

6:52pm: Hard to believe that there's only another hour to go, and it's over :( But, so far.....my picks aren't holding up that well, are they? Meh. That's why i'm not a judge.

Dallas green is now performing The Sleeping Sickness....with special guest, Gord Downie of another Canadian legendary band, The Tragically Hip

6:55pm: Is it just me, or can Gord look any more bored? Standin' there just bobbin' his head to Dallas - and, now he's finally singing and not looking so lethargic!

I LOVED Dallas' solo on his guitar. It was only...30 seconds or so....but, damn, he's got skills on the guitar. Such chemistry between Dallas and Gord

6:58pm: Loverboy's music producer - Patrick...something oO...is gonna induct Loverboy into the hall of fame. Long overdue isn't the bloody term for it. But, i know Scott Smith is watchin' this wherever that is - we'll never forget the original bassist! Nice to see that whole video montage they showed with classic footage from American Bandstand days - and, backstage footage and interviews. This band deserves it - they basically put Canadian Arena Rock on the map...and, helped mold the scene of it with Def Leppard, among others!

7:08pm: Another break in the show - another break for me! While i got the time to do this....Let me know what ya think about this whole "Live Blogging" thing! It's been a few years since i've done this...to give ya an idea, the last time i did a live blog was for the 2004 or 2005 MMVA's. Back when Avril Lavigne was still new. So...i hope i'm doing a semi decent job at this. I'll most likely be posting some videos from the highlights of tonight's show. If i can. But, as i mentioned - you can always go to the CTV Juno site at junos.ctv.ca for more than what i can offer :)

7:12pm: Divine Brown, Serena Ryder and Umm....Crystal Shawanda (I think!) they're performing right now.

I think it might be the lights in there....but, Divine's legs are...shining! Like she put vaseline on them oO Weirdddnesss. But, God...she sounds so much like Aretha Franklin that it's....whoa. Nice to see

Serena Ryder took the stage now. She looks wayyyy younger than she is. wow. But, her vocal range is outstanding. She performs live like someone else i know, but forget her name. Stupid me! I can hear the song in my head, and her performing it, but the name escaped me. Nice to see 3 different chicks take on 3 different songs.

7:19pm Juno Fan Choice Award presented by Pepsi This is the ONLY award presented and decided by fans!

  • Hedley

  • Nickelback

  • The Lost Fingers

  • Feist

  • Celine Dion

And the JUNO fan choice goes to....NICKELBACK!

That's 2 awards for Nickelback already tonight! That's pretty damn good i'd Say :)

7:26pm: Simple Plan taking the stage and performing Your Love Is A lie

SP's got a good graphic on the screens! Shattered Glass. Kinda poetic if ya think about it. Gotta love how Pierre substituted "Do you think about me when he fucks you" to "Do you think about me when he Touches you." lol

7:32pm: another break! Bryan Adam's is coming up next....gotta give the Hometown boy of Vancouver get some air time! :)

7:36pm: Russell's talkin to some of the Canadian athletes takin part in 2010's winter games. He made a joke about himself of what he did last year when he went talkin' to the audience. He actually made a "gaffe" when he called a kid gay lol. Yea, always the best to have happen.

I'm not even gonna attempt to name the athlete's that are presenting Bryan Adams to stage lol

7:40pm: Bryan Adams is performing one of his best songs from "11" with Kathleen Edwards - Walk On By. haha...he just laughed and goofed up a part of his song! I think he's smoking a little :) Kathleen is amazing as well - to say the least. A Violin player AND singer. She looks stunning tonight as well. And, a certain kind of chemistry between her and bryan makes me wonder if something's there oO

7:43pm: Jim Cuddy and Feist are presenting the award for Artist of the year

  • Bryan Adams

  • Sam Roberts

  • City And Colour

  • Serena Ryder

  • K.D. Lang

And The award goes to.....SAM ROBERTS!

Damn - i'm soooooo.....Off - to say the least, with my picks! But, if ya think about it, and look a little more closely....i'm still a little more "On" than i make myself out to be, because i somewhat hit the ballpark with my picks :)

7:50pm: Diana Krall and Elvis Costello are on stage now. Diana Krall...God, she's HOT! Presenting Album Of The Year!

  • Nickelback: Dark Horse

  • Simple Plan: Simple Plan

  • Sylvain Cossette: 70’s, Volume 2

  • The Lost Fingers: Lost In The 80’s

  • Hedley: Famous Last Words

And the JUNO Goes To.....NICKELBACK!

Closing out the show tonight....Great Big Sea with Hawksley Workman - doing an awesome rendition of Gallows Pole by Led Zeppelin! Totally amazing with a Celtic and Newfoundland sound to it. These guys are amazing :)

And, that does it for the live blog of the 2009 JUNO awards! I hope you guys enjoyed it....and, some of the highlights from tonight's event will most likely be posted here!

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2009 JUNO Awards! Part 3

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This is the 3rd - and last - part of the series of JUNO coverage before the show. Keep in mind that i will be doing a live entry keeping ya up to date on the ceremonies. Yea, this should be good! This one covers the last few nominees and categories. This list will be different from the last 2, as i won't be rambling on and on. Just a simple look at the nominees in the categories...and, my pick.

Get it? Got it? GOOD!

Country Recording Of The Year:

  • Aaron Pritchett: Thankful

  • Crystal Shawanda: Dawn Of A New Day

  • Doc Walker: Beautiful Life

  • George Canyon: What I Do

  • Tara Oram: Chasing The Sun

Pick: Tara Oram

Rap Recording Of The Year:

  • DL Incognito: A Captured Moment In Time

  • D-Sisive: The Book

  • Famous: I Rap Now

  • Kardinal Offishall: Not 4 Sale

  • Point Blank: Point Blank

Pick: Kardinal Offishall

Video Of The Year:

  • Feist: Honey Honey

  • Gnarls Barkley: Going On

  • Saint Alvia: Blond Kryptonite

  • Sam Roberts: Detroit '67

  • Sam Roberts: Them Kids

Pick: Sam Roberts - either one of his video singles could take it...but, i'm guessing for Detroit '67

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2009 JUNO Awards! Part 2

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Yea, i promised part 2 yesterday....I KNOW! lol. But, i got so busy, i totally spaced out about it. And, it also doesn't help when you're smokin' pot lol. Since the JUNO's air live in 2 and a half hours @ 6pm MT/5pm PT, i should finish up this list of my predictions.

Oh yea...before i forget! Divine Brown won an untelevised award. Congrats to her for winning in the R&B/Soul Album of the Year category! For those of you that won awards lastnight, and ya just happen to check my blog....Congrats! I'll have a full list of winners tonight! Chances are that if i'm not helping out with the concert tonight....i'll be doing a live blog. First time in a few years i've done a live blog. There's gonna be tons of edits! :)

Anyways - on with the list!

Artist Of The Year:

  • Bryan Adams

  • City And Colour

  • K.D. Lang

  • Sam Roberts

  • Serena Ryder

Now, this one is tough! They're all worthy of this title. Granted, i'm not so much into k.d. But, that doesn't mean she's not a good song writer and artist. Her sound seems to change a little with every one of her release's though, and she's "grown" a lot over the years. I still remember "Constant Craving"...and, prob'ly one of the few songs i love by her. I haven't had the chance to hear any of her stuff since....a long time ago....so, i can't say much good Or bad about her.

City And Colour. The guy behind this (Dallas Green) came out of Alexisonfire. To come full circle and release an acoustic album is a feat in it's own. It shows his range and what he's capable of. He's a serious contender.

Do i have to say anything about Bryan Adams? He's gone....soft....but, he still kicks ass! I fell in love with him when i heard his Reckless tape (does anyone remember that technology?)....so, yea, it spawned from there. Granted, Room Service probably didn't live up to expectations of others - it did for me. 11 however put him back in the forefront. One of his more "put together" albums.

Sam Roberts...if you want some real Canadian rock - look no further than this band! I dunno what to say really about these guys. It's rock music. Canadian Rock...one of the more pure forms. I got hooked when i first heard "Brother Down"...and, almost 4 years later...it's still an awesome song. Their release's since then have been phenomenal!

Pick: Well....Sam Roberts has a heavy hitting record. They've been in this category twice now...this is the third time. Not only that, but they were also nominated for new artist of the year in 2003, along with an album of the year nomination. Of the 7 prior times they've been nominated, they've won 4 of them. Can they go for 5 of 8? 2 artists can come up and take this from them. Most notably Bryan Adams and City And Colour. Bryan Adams is the one with the streak to touch. Same with K.D Lang. I don't expect Serena to take this, because her album wasn't really that strong (Not to say it was bad...don't put words in my mouth!) I'm going for...City And Colour

Group Of The Year:

  • Great Big Sea

  • Nickelback

  • Simple Plan

  • The Trews

  • Tokyo Police Club

I honestly wish that we had some crappy bands in these here categories! lol. Just because it's getting really tough to pick between these! I guess we'll start with Great Big Sea, eh? They've had an awesome career. 15+ years...and still going strong. And, i can honestly say that i didn't start getting into these guys until i re-heard "Sea Of No Cares" again last year. I think the main reason i got into these guys to start with is my Celtic music background...and, "Newfie" celtic isn't that much different. But, these guys are Canada's answer to Ireland's Corrs...hell, even U2 for that matter. And, their latest release is just another example of how they're gonna be around Canada for a long time to come, and have a really healthy status. They just broke into the U.S. scene of things in 2004 or 2005. Hard to believe.

I've focused on Simple Plan and Nickelback already. So, we know where i stand on them. Let's focus on Tokyo Police Club. I never heard of these guys til the end of last year. But the acoustic and indie side of things drew me to them. I wish i had the chance to listen to more of them...and, to get them on the podcast. But, that's a topic i ain't gonna touch yet! lol.

Pick: It's hard to go against them....so, i'm gonna go for Great Big Sea. Nickelback and Simple Plan...either of them can squeak in there. But, let's hope that GBS will pull it off...again!

New Artist Of The Year:

  • Crystal Schwanda

  • Jessie Ferrell

  • Kreesha Turner

  • Lights

  • Nikki Yanofsky

yea - this is new alright. I've only had the chance to listen to 1 of these chicks. Any idea on who it is? Jesse Ferrell. So, don't ask me why i'm gonna comment on this one. I'd say something about Lights as well, but...with me only hearing 1 of her song's - that's hard for me to "pick apart". However, it's nice to see Jessie on this list! She's absolutely brilliant - both as a songwriter and a singer. She's got the voice of an angel....and, the beauty to match. Seems like Canada is producing alot of Female fronted country...which is always nice to see, because i'm a huge sucker for chick music. Blame everything from Joydrop to Terri Clark...and, Faith Hill to Paramore.

With Jessie's debut album...she sets herself far apart from the other Canadian country act that debuted last year as well - Tara Oram. Weird to see her not on this list, because she belongs here too. Anybody that is into Country music....or, just into discovering new music, and want to taste the world...check out Jessie! There wasn't a downside to her Album...and, just like Adam Gregory's new one...i'm HOOKED!

Pick: We all know who i've gotta go for here lol. But, that's not to say that Lights won't jump in there. Maybe we'll see a chick fight! :O But, i'm gonna check out all these other artists :D

New Group Of The Year:

  • Beast

  • Cancer Bats

  • Crystal Castles

  • Plants & Animals

  • The Stills

Jesus guys! lol. Ya know i love ya for the new artist and group thing....but, if ya expect to have a say in these picks....i need to HEAR them and get hooked on them. I've heard of the Stills and The Cancer Bats. The stills are amazing. Cancer Bats....meh, not for me. I don't listen to much metal...but, they're good if ya like your ears to bleed. I've heard good things about Beast - and, that's gonna be the next CD i pick up in iTunes.

Pick: as much as it pains me to say this - i don't have a real pick for this category. But....ya only bet against The Stills if you're on crack lol. However, Beast could sneak in there (I'm going on the good things i've heard)

Songwriter Of The Year:

  • Alanis Morissette (for 'Not As We', 'Underneath' and 'In Praise Of The Vulnerable Man')

  • City And Colour (Dallas Green) (for: 'Sleeping Sickness')

  • Gordie Sampson (Co-Songwriter: Whitney Duncan/John Shanks, Hillary Lindsey/Steve McEwan, Michael Logan) (for: 'When I Said I Would', 'Just A Dream', 'Davey Jones')

  • Hedley (For: 'Old School', 'For The Nights I Can't Remember', 'Never Too Late')

  • The Midway State (Nathan Ferraro) (For 'Never Again', 'Change For You')

Pick: it's hard to go against Alanis...or, Hedley for that matter. But C&C and The Midway State are both hard contenders for this award as well. I got introduced to Midway after i heard their CD "Holes". Absolutely breath-taking. And Hedley...well, nothing but good things to say for a lead singer that tried out for Canadian Idol...made it a little bit before getting the boot...and, ultimately said "Screw this, i'm gonna make it"...and, formed a band known as Hedley. They're a nice...alternative. haha...that so fits them, too!

I'm going for The Midway State in this one.

Ok - part 3 will be coming up in just a second here...i promise! lol. I wanna post this one before 6pm. And, part 3 will only include the nominees and my picks. Short. Simple. To the point. :)

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2009 JUNO Awards!

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Tomorrow's the day, Canada! That's right - March 29 is the day to beat all days in Canadian music, with the JUNO awards being aired LIVE on CTV! So, what better way for me, a hardcore fan of music AND Canada - i'm going to pick my picks for this year's ceremonies.

Disclaimer: I've never done this before lol. So, I'll be shocked if i get any right....and, i'm not doing this cause i know "inside" information - let's hope the JUNO's aren't fixed. But, i've been listening to Canadian music, and the talent that we have this year, and i have to say - it's gonna be tough! And...i'm ONLY doing the predicitons for the live ceremony. Not the awards that are given out today or tomorrow before the show. Where the hell's the fun in that? Nonetheless, on to the picks!

Single Of The Year:

  • Celine Dion: Taking Chances

  • Divine Brown: Lay It On The Line

  • Kardinal Offishall: Dangerous

  • Michael Buble: Lost

  • Nickelback: Gotta Be Somebody

hmm....that's a good guess! They're ALL Awesome! Well...i don't really listen to Celine :) But, she is an outstanding singer, and she's got an awesome voice. Nevermind that all her singles have been catchy...taking chances shouldn't really be the name of the song. Kardinal's latest song is awesome too. It's like....AKON! Geeze...is it just me, or does Akon seem to be in and producing more. Not that it's a bad thing, because he adds an awesome element to the song. They Both do. The vocals are in harmony together...and, it's not "too" rap. Michael Buble. Need i say more? I got hooked after i seen him do "Home" live one day on a show. And, his album's are absolutely for fans of Sinatra. Or, Krall for that matter. Shame she's not in this category....but, that's cause she missed the deadline. And...what do ya honestly have to say about Nickelback? These guys literally put Alberta at the forefront of Rock music. Toronto and Vancouver have Hip-Hop and Rap...Alberta and Winnipeg are ROCK!!! Sure, they've added a more "radio friendly" sound to it....it's still awesome.

Pick: If i could pick what i was gonna do....i'd nominate....Kardinal. Weird for me to go in a hip-hop direction! lol. I love Nickelback...so, they could take it. I could go on and on....but, i think Celine Dion will pull this one off, again.

International Album Of The Year:

  • AC/DC: Black Ice

  • Coldplay: Viva La Vida

  • Guns N' Roses: Chinese Democracy

  • Jack Johnson: Sleep Through The Static

  • Metallica: Death Magnetic

haha....i'm actually listening to Metallica right now. How ironic! I either put it on before i started writing....or, i turned it on after i noticed the CD on the list? oO

Anyways....They're all awesome too. Jack Johnson is good for highs....mellow music, always the best! (whoops) lol. But, i don't have the CD right now...so, i couldn't tell ya. AC/DC....one of the Best albums of the year. I thought after a few years, they'd have been stale. But, Black Ice made a believer out of Everyone if they ever had any doubt! Metallica as well. They hadn't done a new CD since "St. Anger"...and, to come out of hiding like that...that's how ya do it!

I'm not even gonna mention GNR. Well, actually....maybe i should. Axl, come the hell on man! I know the original band isn't all there....but, to have us fans wait for 15 bloody years for a crap-tacular loaded CD...is just stupid. Talk about the overpricing pot in the fuckin' kettle. And, to think....we have 2 more of these same things to hear again. Sure, i commend ya on your ability to go...."Astray"...for a bit, and blend a new sound in. But, some of the songs, it was if ya didn't even try. I can picture Axl walkin' in the room and saying "Hey! Let's find a way to half ass this song...and, we'll go get more booze!". That's what it sounds like. Sorry man....but, some of the songs were good....but, some of them just didn't mix well. Hopefully the next 2 albums of the same thing get boring and tiresome. Hopefully ya won't be like how you portrayed yourself on the CD.

Pick: i'm between 2. AC/DC and Metallica. Despite all the file-sharing shit and lawsuits that happened....nothing like suing your fans. I thought when they released "St Anger"....that was a half-assed album. It was good...but, not GREAT. Death Magnetic on the other hand is Kickin'! It's Pounding! It's....ROCKING!!! So...Metallica all the way on this one.

Album Of The Year:

  • Hedley: Famous Last Words

  • The Lost Fingers: Lost In The 80's

  • Nickelback: Dark Horse

  • Simple Plan: Simple Plan

  • Sylvain Cossette: 70's, Volume 2.

Oh wow. Well...3 of them have spectaular CDs. I haven't heard the Lost Fingers. Sylvain Cossette is another one i haven't heard of. Damn, me...actually admitting that i haven't heard of them! lol. There's no pop in here...which is a shame. No country either? Geeze...what the hell?!?! If i can bring back country artists on the podcast, i'm sure they could do something about that. On that note. Nickelback has a well put-together album. They went in the same direction that All The Wrong Reasons did. So, soundwise...it doesn't sound much different. A LOT of radio friendly songs. The lyrical style has sort of changed though. All you have to do is take into account "S.E.X." and "Something In Your Mouth" to know that. However...."If Today Was Your Last Day" shows how passionate these boys are.

Simple Plan. Whoa. That's all i can say is....wow. These guys added a new element to them since their last CD. It's nice to have an "Edge" now. It kind of reminds me of what AFI did when they released "Decemberunderground"....came back with a kind of...pop meets rock meets punk meets power pop and "Emo". They shoulda released "Generation" as their first single. Cause, it's just that damn catchy. But...when ya find "deeper meaning" in how they release songs, it makes sense. The whole album is impactful and deep lyrically. And, to further my case on that..."Save You". They had a campaign up here to promote the video that showed the proceeds of this single from iTunes to donate it to them. I can't remember what it was again though.

Pick: SIMPLE PLAN! SIMPLE PLAN! These guys are amazing, and they deserve it. To write how they wrote the songs, and made the album....They found their...niche. They all have their place in this category, so, either of them can pull this off.

I'll do part 2 of this later....as there's a few categories to go! But...stay tuned! :)

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Bold Concert Series

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, March 28, 2009 | , , , , , , , , ,

CBC: Bold LogoThe CBC with it's entertainment channel, Bold brings you a whole new experience in how you experience watching concerts on TV! On Sunday, March 29, 2009 (Go figure, the same day of the Juno awards on CTV in Canada), Bold will air it's first 2 premiere episodes of "The Bold Concert Series" - which will most likely become a staple for Canadian talent, among others! It's got a whole CBC Radio 2 vibe to it, which should be interesting to see.

The first 2 episodes will show at 7pm and 11pm EST, and will showcase 2 different bands. The first band being The Stills and the 2nd one, Two Hours Traffic - both of which are awesome by the way!

The episodes are an hour long - so, it gives them a chance to not only perform, but, get in depth...let's hope they add an interview factor in there.

If you don't live in Canada - you probably won't be able to see these shows - but, then again, ya might. CBC tends to do some border crossing...so, chances are still there that you'll see them....just not on the same night and time.

You can go to Bold's website to get full information about this and other shows by clicking HERE

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KMFDM: Blitz

Posted by ToxicDoom | Tuesday, March 24, 2009 | , , ,

Blitz is industrial rock group KMFDM's sixteenth studio album, currently planned for release on March 24, 2009, on the band's record label KMFDM Records and Metropolis Records. According to the initial announcement, the album will consist of 11 new tracks.

Blitz is slated to contain 11 tracks, including a cover of The Human League's "Being Boiled"


1. "(Symbol)" (4:04)
2. "Bait & Switch" (5:56)
3. "Davai" (4:30)
4. "Never Say Never" (4:19)
5. "Potz Blitz!" (4:23)
6. "People of the Lie" (4:53)
7. "Being Boiled" (4:07) (Cover, original by The Human League)
8. "Strut" (5:30)
9. "Bitches" (4:23)
10. "Me & My Gun" (3:30)
11. "Take'm Out" (6:51)

The symbol used for the first track is apparently a variation on the astronomical symbol for the planet Uranus Astronomical symbol of Uranus. As supporting evidence, the chorus includes the lyrics "Up Uranus."

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New Page Added!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Tuesday, March 24, 2009 | , , , , , ,

haha....is it just me, or does that face look....messed up? That's beside the point. I have added another page to this site!

For those of you that are either new to the podcast world of things - or, you're just looking for another way to tune in to the podcast other than the "Listen Now" player on this page - you'll want to check out the new page!

The "How To..." page will give ya some more info on the podcatchers you can use...to the feed address that you can point your podcatcher to.

On that page is a short list of just some of the podcatchers out there that are available for Windows, Mac or Linux/Unix. If you use one that isn't on that list - Feel free to comment! And, let others know!

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White Lies Ticket Giveaway!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Tuesday, March 24, 2009 | , , , , , ,

If you're on the lookout for the next "It" band - Look No Further! White Lies is one of the most buzzed about bands of '09. This is your chance to see the band LIVE IN CONCERT as part of the first ever North American NME Presents Tour! How? Just follow the instructions below, and you could be at the show in your area!

Montreal Fans:
Text VIP to 909090 between March 24 and 12pm March 27 for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the March 30 show.

Toronto Fans:
Text TIX to 909090 between March 25 and 12pm March 29 for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the March 31 show!

Vancouver Fans:
Text TIX to 909090 between April 4 and 12pm April 6 for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the April 8 show!

For ALL Cities: 50 cents a text

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Madina Lake is proud to present the exclusive world premiere of "Never Take Us Alive," the first video from their upcoming album Attics To Eden, in stores May 5th.

You Can Go Here to watch the new video!

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The Parlor Mob is releasing their critically acclaimed debut album And You Were A Crow on vinyl this April.

Pre-order now directly from Roadrunner Records and The Omega Order to get this beautiful vinyl piece. On Disc 2 you'll find exclusively the track "Mister, Hey Mister," a live favorite.

All pre-orders will be shipped, for FREE unless outside of the U.S., to arrive on release day, April 18th. Go HERE to order now!

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i can't figure out how to add videos from youtube lol. You'd think it be easy, but...that's fine! It gives me an excuse to use the facebook page - so, all you people who don't think you should use the Facebook page for the podcast...you're highly mistaken! :) So, go there - and, you'll see the video i posted in the boxes tab - under the youtube video box.

Anyways - i have some news to get to!


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A few 'Slight' Problems

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, March 21, 2009 | ,

Ok - well, for those of you who wanted me to launch the blog tonight here....won't happen! I want it at least a little bit done before i do that. So, i'll be @ blogger until Monday...and, after Monday, the move will be Complete.

So, let's describe here a few issues i seem to be having.

First off - i find that i'm only able to add 1 link category to the menu. That might not make sense lol. But...when i go to add "links" to another sidebar...it'll show up with just one of the link categories. I have 3 i wanna move in - Partners, Bands and Music. So, to have all 3 columns showing Partner links....doesn't make sense lol.

The 2nd problem i'm having is with the Podtrac player AND Facebook buttons. 1 only wants to show up at a time - i can't even seem to move 1 into 1 sidebar, and the other in another. Sucks - cause, i have subscribe buttons to add, as well as a blog rating from Blogged.com All in all - that's 5 buttons i need to add.

Third - for some reason different sidebars won't load for me. Sidebar 1, No Problem! lol. Sidebar 2 and 3....talk about more issues than....i won't go there :) So...for now, i'm working with just 1 sidbar.

Those are the only 3 problems i'm having right now - God, i hope there won't be more oO

So, i've gotta give it some time....cause Del and Jaco are sleeping right now - so, that's no issue. Basically, all this post is meant to serve is as a reminder to me...and, if i'm not on tonight when they get back....they both know what's goin' on, and can help me.

And, if you guys have any tips or techniques for me to try here - I'm ALL Ears! Just comment...let me know what i might be doing wrong....and, tah dah!

Thanks for putting up with me...and, what seems to be "Complaining" lol

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w00t w00t!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, March 21, 2009 |

Toxic's BACK! I just created my 2nd blog in...45 minutes. Can ya say....addicting? lol.

If you haven't guessed it by now, this is the NEW HOME of Toxic TuneZ. And, to prove how serious i am about moving back to the EFx scheme of things, all my posts from blogger will be moved over here tonight...as soon as i get some sleep! I've been going since...well, i'm not gonna say...but, i've been up for what seems to be forever. So, let's introduce ya to the Podcast...and, myself!

My Name is Chris - or, DJ Toxic...better yet, just drop the DJ, and call me Toxic - or Tox. Your call. I do a personal blog on here as well, which will be linked as soon as i get the new layout up...and, import all my blog entries from blogger. Again, happening tonight sometime.

If ya haven't heard the podcast yet....i dunno how to describe it for ya! But, it's a nice blend of Rock, Pop and Hip-Hop from the Independent world...as well as the Canadian music scene. I promote a lot of artists and labels on the podcast - ranging from the Goth/Industrial side of things with Metropolis Records...to, the indie rock and Pop with Hardwood, ROCKStar Music, Killbeat Music and Universal Media Group Canada. You'll hear just about everything from The Birthday Massacre to Elise Estrada. Hayden to East Villiage Opera Company. And, Nickelback to Three days Grace. It's a multi-genre podcast for a multi-genre world!

New episodes are unleashed every Saturday...sometimes before that. Sometimes After that. But....with more than 100+ episodes under my belt (Even though the new feed only shows 17)...and, with more than 2000 listeners and subscribers worldwide - in 2 years - i'm Here to STAY!

The next episode is scheduled to be released tonight. Judging by the time right now - that will happen....just not sure when oO.

There's a LOT more to do before the new episode tonight - and, how to tune in and listen will be posted soon!

If you want more info...for now, go check out the "OLD" home of Toxic TuneZ @ Blogger: http://toxicast.blogspot.com

And stay tuned tonight for the entire new re-launch of the site and everything else!


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Win Elise Estrada Vancouver concert tickets!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Friday, March 20, 2009 | , ,

As I’m sure you have heard by now the 2009 Juno Awards are coming to Vancouver next weekend!!!

Elise will be performing @ The Westjet Street Party presented by The Beat on Friday March 27th and we want to make sure you get a chance to see her so we are going to hold a contest to SHOW your Support for our hometown Juno nominee.

What you have to do: Design a poster in Elise Estrada fashion and hold it high while she’s on stage!!!

The first 10 people that email eliseestradacontest@gmail.com giving us an idea of what kind of poster you will be making before the show will receive 2 free tickets to the Street Party!!! But that’s not it…the most original poster will get a private meet and greet with Elise backstage at the show!!!

So make sure you email us quickly and design your poster before next Friday…while Elise is on stage one of you will be picked for the meet and greet so make sure you hold those posters up!!

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Important Info On Attics to Eden!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Tuesday, March 17, 2009 |

Madina Lake's new album Attics to Eden doesn't come out until May 5, but you can order your copy today.

Pre-order from Smartpunk now and get an autographed booklet with purchase, while supplies last. Go Here to order it now.

If you are a resident of the U.K., Go Here to pre-order the album from Play.com now and get an exlcusive free download track with purchase.

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Podcast Feed FIXED!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, March 14, 2009 |

YAY!!! It took me a little over an hour to fix...but, i'm happy to announce that the Feed IS working again! Nothing like just a simple character that screwed it up lol.

Remember guys...if you're doing a podcast - try not to include the (&) character in a feed.


I feel so stupid now! I should've known that before hand. But, noooo....the tiredness had to cut in earlier and screw me up!

So - everything should be working properly now! You should be able to update the feed for the new show - episode 114. I want to apologize for the stupid error on my part, and it shouldn't happen again - trust me, that's gonna haunt me now for awhile oO

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Podcast feed error

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, March 14, 2009 |

Apparently, there's something wrong with my feed! It seems to play in the player on here alright - but, when ya go to view it on Feedburner - it's all blank, except for the name of the podcast. Even on my server with the feed - it does the same thing!

There's something wrong when ya go to view it, and this is what ya end up getting:

you can click the image if ya wanna see it full size!

Keep in mind that this DOES NOT seem to affect the podtrac player on the website....just the feed if you're updating with a podcatcher, such as iTunes. I've gone in to try and fix it...and, it works if i remove episode 114. Hmmm....weirdddd

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Episode 114: Welcomes Metropolis Records!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, March 14, 2009 |

This is the playlist of Episode 114 - Originally Aired March 14, 2009.

  • The Ting Tings: Great DJ
  • The Birthday Massacre: Science
  • Eisbrecher: This Is Deutsch (SITD-remix)
  • KMFDM: (Symbol)
  • Julien-K: Kick The Bass
  • Roxy Epoxy & The Rebound: I Know, I Know
  • Wumpscut: The Boo
  • Elise Estrada: Insatiable
  • Danny Fernandes: Fantasy
  • Manafest: Steppin' Out
  • Nickelback: S.E.X.
  • Theory Of A Deadman: Not Meant To Be
  • Hoobastank: Tears Of Yesterday
  • The All-American Rejects: Fallin' Apart
  • Eva Avila: Like A Bullet
  • Damone: What We Came Here For
  • Hey Monday: Homecoming
  • Quietdrive: Daddy's Little Girl
  • Flyleaf: Fully Alive
  • Cinema Bizarre: Forever Or Never
  • Patrizia: Zombie
  • Three Days Grace: Wake Up
  • Default: Throw It All Away
  • Stabilo: Flawed Design
  • State Of Shock: Best I Ever Had

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Find Us On Facebook!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Friday, March 13, 2009 |

While I'm waiting for Twitter to re-activate my account (I guess i joined Twitter awhile ago now - just forgot about it lol) - i have officially put Toxic TuneZ on Facebook now - and not just a group!

So, you can click on the icon you see in this post that's in the menu - and, it'll load the OFFICIAL Fan Page on Facebook! So, if you have facebook, and hate the group side of things - Join as a fan instead!

I decided to go this route today because of the new changes that Facebook implemented...Today. Well...Friday, whatever. I haven't slept yet - so, it's still Friday til i wake up! But, Pages and the new features implemented with the news feed - as well as the new look and feel of Pages...it just seemed right.

Also, because of the interview/feature on CHAT news sometime....soon. That's another thing that weighed in on this decision. Makes it TONS Easier for people to find the Podcast, join as a fan...and, keep up to date with everything! It also adds a forum element, and a more interactive element to the podcast as well that i can't offer right now.

So, join as a fan! And, tell EVERYONE about it! Let's propel Toxic TuneZ to the rightful top in 2009! You Can prob'ly expect labels and artists/bands to be there as well - so, not like it's a total waste of time :)

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CRTC approves obituary channel

Posted by ToxicDoom | Thursday, March 12, 2009 |

Further proof that the CRTC will approve just about anything.

Gérald Dominique is hoping there's room on Canadian airwaves for yet another specialty channel – one that would be all death and illness, all the time.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has for the first time approved an application to move forward with a channel dedicated to paid obituaries and notices of illness.

The French-language channel, which would air in Quebec, amounts to a TV version of the paid death notice pages in newspapers, giving families the chance to have sound, music, photos, video, text and other testimonials broadcast about their loved ones.

Mr. Dominique, 44, the Quebec entrepreneur behind the plan, first applied for the channel last summer and hopes to title it Je me souviens, or “I remember.” The phrase is also the official Quebec motto.

“The goal of this channel is to tell stories,” Mr. Dominique said. “How many stories are lost all over the world each year? Great stories about people's lives. Those are the stories we hope to tell.”

Mr. Dominique believes some 56,000 Quebeckers die each year. With baby boomers aging, he thinks that death – and the services that go with it – is something of an industry on the rise, inadequately served by existing tribute and memorial services.

“I felt the need to do more,” he said.

He said the TV death notices will cost about the same as they do in newspapers, and hopes one day to extend the service in English to the rest of Canada. The concept may also include longer-form obituaries – features done on public figures and aired at no charge to their families – as well as the paid classifieds.

Although offering the chance for multimedia memorials, Mr. Dominique anticipates the majority of notices will be text only, displayed on screen and read aloud.

“The service would be dedicated to the broadcast of obituary notices, notices of hospitalization and messages of thanks and prayers, mainly in alphanumeric format, that would be read on air,” the CRTC approval notice reads.

After being granted CRTC approval on Feb. 26, Mr. Dominique now hopes to find a financial backer, and sign a deal with a cable distributor before a launch.

“I would need some help,” Mr. Dominique said. “But if the planets align, I should be on the air in July.”

In addition to paid notices, Mr. Dominique got CRTC permission to run six minutes of national advertising in each hour, although he'd asked to run local and regional ads.

The concept of a 24-hour channel devoted to death and illness notices first came from Europe. Etos TV launched last year in Germany, offering TV and Web-based death notice services, and was billed as the first station of its kind.

According to European media, it cost about the equivalent of about $16-million to launch, backed by a group of German funeral directors.

But Canada's directors have no part in Mr. Dominique's initiative. Suzanne Scott, executive director of the Funeral Service Association of Canada, said her group has discussed backing a single website devoted to online memorials – of which dozens operate independently – but never a TV station.

“It's going to be interesting to see whether it does have legs, because I don't foresee people sitting there everyday and watching,” Ms. Scott said. “But to have it on television, are you going to say: ‘Watch Channel 247 at 4:57 p.m.?' I don't know.

“I'm not sure it's something people in Canada are going to jump on, but I could be completely wrong.”

With a report from The Canadian Press

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Eisbrecher Added!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Wednesday, March 11, 2009 |

Wow - am i getting good or what?!?! 20 odd hours up now, and i'm listening to some new adds from Metropolis! Either that....or, i'm hooked beyond anything that anybody could ever grasp. Not like that's a bad thing though....noooo....trust me, i have no social life anyways :)

But, i didn't have to listen to the full CD for me to know i'd love the hell out of these guys! If you like/love Rammstein - wait until this weekend's show when they get unleashed! These guys have a more electroRock/Goth thing goin' on...i wouldn't even know where to begin classifying them. All the better for me. I'll let you guys fight over what they sound like - just post some comments here! But - i can't believe i didn't hear of these guys sooner! They've been HUGE in Germany for quite some time - and, since 2004, they have gone on to release 3 CDs! Their new one being "Sünde", which was released in 2008 in Germany....and, to others....i dunno the exact date!

What i do know however is that the Limited Deluxe Edition will be released in Canada and the U.S on....Yesterday....oO....geeze, i'm so far behind the times! lol. The Limited Deluxe edition comes with 2 bonus remixe's (1 of Alkohol and the other being Kann Denn Liebe Suende Sein?)

They are AWESOME! So - check 'em out! And, make sure ya tune into the podcast this Saturday (March 14) if ya can't get enough!

Here's a little bit of info about the guys behind the magic.

The band's name in translation from German means "Icebreaker". The band's lyrics and slogans often include terms of ice and sailing, such as "Ahoi" (Ahoy) and "Es wird kalt" (It's getting cold). The band's frontman, Alexx Wesselsky, often wears naval and military clothing in performances.

After leaving Megaherz due to creative differences in 2003, Alexx Wesselsky got together with Noel Pix, who composed the synths and programming for Megaherz's albums Himmelfahrt and Kopfschuss.

While the debut album, Eisbrecher, released in early 2004, (featuring a song also named Eisbrecher), had more of an electronic sound, its next release, Antikörper, released in October 2006, had a far heavier, metallic style. However, the band remains true to its roots, and the similarity between albums is not entirely unrecognizable, ensuring the group's identity remains firmly attached to the industrial metal genre. The first 5000 copies of the debut Cd included a blank CD along with permission for purchases to legally copy the music onto the blank. This was done as a protest against what the band felt was a "criminalization" of fans.

A single, "Kann denn Liebe Sünde Sein," from Eisbrecher's as-then-unreleased third album was released on July 18, 2008 in Germany and reached 3rd place on the German Alternative charts. The album Sünde was released on August 22,2008 in Germany and debuted on the German top 20 album charts at the 18th position. The band has performed at (Summer Breeze Open Air,M'era luna & Zita Rock) Festivals. In 2009 the band will perform at the (Amphi festival,Wave-Gotik-Treffen and Castle Rock) festivals

You can check 'em out online @:

Eisbrecher appears courtesy of Metropolis Records

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