Canadian enough?

Posted by ToxicDoom | Tuesday, October 28, 2008 |

I've decided to change some feeds around - give it more of a "Canadian Touch" - adding CTV and Globe & Mail feeds! Oh yea, and, since i'm into Hockey - i threw that in too!

The new feeds are Movies, Music and Entertainment - anything with G&M or CTV, and the hocky feed, also from the Globe & Mail.

So, if that doesn't make me Canadian enough - i dunno what will.

Maybe a full blown new look - red and white :D lol. But, don't expect that anytime soon...i love this design right now :)

Ohhhhh yeaaaa....before i forget! If you didn't notice the "subtle Change" in the posts, here's the lowdown. i HATED ow it used to post as toxictunez. So, i changed to DJ Toxic. Plus, it'll help people find me again, cause, i've been from blog service to blog service, and, i must be hard to track down oO