Posted by ToxicDoom | Tuesday, October 14, 2008 |

Well – I figured, “What the hell, I may as well set it up and get an idea of how to blog with Blogger!” Needless to say…it was a little time consuming to say the least. I guess it would’ve helped some if i didn’t spend about a year and a half away from the “Blogosphere” – oh yea, and also if i had maybe started with Blogger a little after i left my previous host! PHEW!

At 4:20am (hah…go figure!), i decided to play around a little bit, and get familiar with the whole way of doing things here – and, get a feel for the temporary feel – and, how to post. So, i looked for a template to set up (long story short: I basically was looking for something with 3 columns that would, at the very least of things, give me a better feel for how things will turn out, and, hopefully – just maybe – to set some things up BEFORE the new look went up.)

So, i did happen to find a 3 column – but, holy crappers people! I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to upload the images from the template to the blog *smash, clang…sigh* I now sense it’s gonna take a few days, and, more than a few posts to get used to this whole blog world again. I am NOT looking forward to that! But, i guess it’s all about learning something new, eh?

But, fear not my fellow….fans? (Wonders if that’s what ya would call it, and, if i even have fans oO) I’m hoping that in the next week or two, the new design will come – and, following that all the lovely pages and other stuff that i have to fill in to “Fill the void” – will also arrive! Since i’m a little impatient – well, sorta – i simply gathered my head, and am deciding to semi-launch the site (Well, blog, whatever lol)

In the coming weeks, you can expect more to show up. I am gonna be experimenting with a few things i wanted to incorporate into the failed site – like, Artist Of The Month features, a simple pop up form that you can use to email me a form for your band…among other ideas that i seem to be getting all the time!

Oh yea – let’s not forget about posts now, eh?

Slowly – but, surely – you will start to notice new things pop up all the time! I will also be posting about new features, my progress…and, of course, all things Toxic.

So, keep your eyes open – and, if you’re wanting to follow the progress reports….or, simply show me some "”love” – follow this blog! it’s EASY! Most of the work will begin tomorrow night – depending on how my day looks tomorrow….maybe some things will happen before i leave in the afternoon!

Thanks for stopping by – and, last thing i wanna say…think of it kinda like a disclaimerL If this entry made little to no sense….too bad. You’re not gonna get “Quality” at 4:35am (wow…look at that! 15 minutes to post a…post! lmao)

~DJ Toxic