Posted by ToxicDoom | Thursday, October 16, 2008 |

DJ Toxic here again - and, that can only mean 1 thing - and 1 thing only! We are LAUNCHED! I wanna take this time to thank Everyone who helped me with getting this site up and running, and helping make this site what it is. First off to Kelly @ Design Bug - thanks for the design! You helped me most. Almost 2 days of your time - and, being sick on top of that. For also helping me figure out how the hell to get the columns working proper. For also helping me with all the graphics - and, just overall everything! Thanks again Kelly! Couldn't have done this without ya! Also, for Joey....even though ya didn't help me with that much - ya still helped with looking things over, and, helping me get outta my shitty mood today. Without that last one, this site wouldn't have come together and be finished for about another week! And, lastly - the bands...the artists...the fans....without the support from any of you - the podcast could never be! Thank you for allowing me to do what i love the most - radio - well....whatever lol.

Now on to the news. More features are in the works right now...actually, more like ideas for features. There will be more categories, and, you will see them soon! But, as it stands - i need more entries :) Categories you will find other than the "Site" one include music news, podcast news, Artist of The Month...the list could go on lol. Other things coming soon include an email form for bands to fill out telling me about ya! (Fans can also use this form to submit bands they come across as well!)

Ideas are limitless - they come to me in my sleep oO. But, every day, there'll be something new! Bookmark the site - and keep coming back!

Other than that - DONATE! Please? I don't make any money running this site - or, the podcast - other than by donation! Every little bit helps! So, please make a contribution!

And, take the short survey by clicking on the "Listener Survey" - it's Fast to do, and easy to fill out! None of these answers are shared - and, you will NEVER get any junk mail! It is run by Podtrac.com and helps me to make the podcast better.

Any of these 2 things - or both - help me out more than you can imagine!

Anyways guys...i'm sick, and should prob'ly head to bed soon. I just wanted to post an entry telling you that it is mostly done - and, about things to come. So, bookmark us! And, soon - subscribe to the blog! And, i'll do a post when the next podcast is up and running!