Call me a liar

Posted by ToxicDoom | Friday, November 28, 2008 |

Here I am again....on a Friday night. The day before the new episode goes out - and, yet again, i'm still mic'less. Some stupid bills came up that i had to pay for, and again, i won't be able to get a mic until...well...whenever it is i get paid next.

I really do wish that people would start to use the "Donate Now" paypal button - but, that's fine. I'm not gonna beg and plead with ya guys to do that, because, i don't do this to get paid! But - it would come in handy for the small things, ya know?

Anyways - there WILL be a new show this weekend. Don't fret! But, unless i get that headset from my friend (Which i doubt) - it'll be mic'less again. Sorry guys! I don't like to do the show without a mic - but, the show must go on, right?

And - i have come to a conclussion about the type of show it'll be - there will be 2 episodes this week! Kind of a "Make up" because i haven't done a show in about 2 weeks. Here's the 411 on the 2 new shows!

Episode 109: Will be a "Full album" debut - a first for the podcast in it's 2 year run! I am very pleased to announce that Crystal Sunshine's new album, "Nephilim Blood" will be played in it's entirety! So, don't forget to check her out, and to buy the CD if ya can't get enough of it! I know I can't! I'll do a full write up about where ya can get the CD, and how to purchase it tomorrow when the show goes live!

Episode 110: Will feature the new music added in the last month! Bands include FemBots, Hayden. Deborah Cox, Basia Bulat, Celldweller, East Village Opera Company - among many others! Also, Some of Nickelback's new CD, "Dark Horse" will be featured! Not just the songs covered on the radio as single's! No, we'll delve much deeper - and leave a taste of Something in your mouth! (Gotta love wordplay, eh? :D)

Both playlists are being edited in iTunes tonight! Even though i don't have to do much for Crystal's CD - episode 110 will be hard hitting! So, expect both episodes tomorrow night - basically one after the other! You're gonna love it!