InDecision '08

Posted by ToxicDoom | Tuesday, November 04, 2008 |

The race for the white house began a year and a half ago - and, it's just now wrapping up. Even though i'm Canadian, it's interesting to watch the U.S elections unfold. Canadian politics aren't that interesting - we're wrapped up in 3 hours or less from time of close. I do agree with Michael Moore though when he says the U.S needs to go to a system like Canada. Up here we do it with a pencil, and an X in a circle.

Hopefully ya guys didn't "Screw it up" this year (I take that from Jon Stewart.)

The east coast has wrapped up - and, a little under an hour or 2 to vote - depending on where ya live. So far, it's not a surprise to me. I'm betting it won't be a close race though...even though the news says it's too close to call in most states right now. I know where Michigan is gonna go...and, for that matter, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Shouldn't be much of a surprise. On the same note - i know where Texas is gonna go :)

Nonetheless, i'll be watching it tonight like i have for months - hard to believe that by this time tomorrow - we'll know who's gonna be next in line. Hell, even before that i think.

Let's just hope Fox News doesn't screw it up like they did in 2000.

Hey! There ya go! If ya don't feel like watchin' news - go watch recount again! Or, listen to my podcast to take a break! :D