Music is my girlfriend

Posted by ToxicDoom | Thursday, November 20, 2008 |

Wow - have i been listening to tons of music lately, or what! I have come to love so many bands and artists - and, not just mainstream either! Hell, i don't have as many mainstream acts as i used to. I've gone and did a complete remodel of my hard drive, and - i actually think i love what i've done!

There's benefits that come to being in radio...Shutup, i know - it's just a podcast - but, when i work with labels and bands, it becomes so much more than just a podcast! Wow...did i just get off topic a little bit?

As i was saying....

The benefits that come to being in radio are this - i get advance copies of some of the mainstream acts out there! I got the advance on Nickelback's Dark Horse CD 2 weeks before it came out. I know, it was prob'ly available for download - but, i barely download anymore...and, what i do, it's just TV shows that i miss when i'm out and about. I do buy music still - maybe not many on CD's anymore, but, iTunes wise. Why iTunes? Cause, it's convenient. It's open 24-7 - so, i don't really have to "pirate" stuff anymore. Sucks living on a credit card though lol. If they were smart, they'd build PayPal support in the Canadian store as well - just like the American store!

I also got my hands on Britney's new CD too...Circus. I gotta say - i've been a fan of her's from the start. She seemed to "Lose it" - somewhat - on her previous adventure, Blackout - but, i knew why. It was obvious to everyone. I'm glad to say that she's back now - and, seems to have "Found it" again! I know what she's goin' through, as, i'm just getting slowly better myself. It takes a LOT of work! Especially when you're in the damn public eye growing up - i couldn't imagine putting myself in her shoes.

Seems like some record companies are getting it though - that they can't keep putting out stupid shit just cause it's the "it" thing of the moment. I blame Disney for all that crap! Not saying Miley's bad or anything - but, damn. And, let's not forget all these bands that go on hiatus' - AC/DC *cough*...Metallica...When they each released their new stuff this year, i thought "Oh boy - this is gonna suck!" - but, noooo. They never lost it! Both releases by AC/DC and Metallica ROCK!

I've been spending a lot more time in the Canadian music scene of things though. And, if you're not Canadian, and wanna start experiencing some other bands that haven't quite "Crossed borders" yet - there's no better time! Mobile is one of them...and, their new CD blew me outta the water lastnight when i got my hands on it! There's TONS of stuff i could get into - but, i can't list them's just too damn good!

Off that topic for a bit....there will be a new show this week! I'm sorry for not being able to do one last week....but, with the drama that's been goin' on here - my god...i swear, i could start filming a better Canadian soap opera lol. Screw Degrassi! oO

I'm still deciding what i wanna do though. I'm in a toss up between playing Crystal Sunshine's New CD...Seven Mile Ride or Patrizia's EP' much to think about! I'm even deciding if i wanna do a show playing my artist of the month - because, i have yet to do 1 this year lol. Chances are, i'll come to a conclussion tomorrow - and post about it then letting ya guys know!

Lastly - i've opened up the comments now! That's right - EVERYONE Can Comment! The only thing that i did is add a word verification. I mean, if i'm gonna open up the comments for everyone to use, i have to take that one extra step to prevent stupid spammers! I got sick of it on EFx2...and Modblog - i don't wanna experience it over here like i did in those 2 places! So, if ya don't mind doing a word verification....feel free to comment!