Out of Hibernation! Sorta.....lol

Posted by ToxicDoom | Monday, November 24, 2008 |

I bet you guys are all wondering where i've been for the past...week and some. I'm here to make the announcement public now, as you guys need to know!

First off, no, i'm not on some kind of hiatus. Not like i'm "taking off" anytime soon. You guys are stuck with me! HA HA! I'm actually on round 2 of being sick, and taking benylin and neo-citran (plus all the coffee i can handle!)

Secondly, i'm waiting to get a headset this week - which will come on Wednesday or Thursday night sometime. I'm starting to get bored of not being on the mic! Hell, that's why i got into "Radio" to begin with - so I could annoy people with my voice! Even though, i don't think it has the effect i was hoping for...cause, i've been told i have a "Hot Voice" - I don't think that's the case, but, whatever works, right? lol.

Now that we have that out of the way - on to some news for Monday! Yesterday, i was browsing Google, cause that's what i do when i'm bored...plus, i'm contemplating opening up a store! I came across a distribution in Canada for Independent labels - and their artists, called Distribution Select. I looked around the site a little bit, and came to find out that they're actually based in Montreal! How sweet is that?!? Anyways, they also have a mailing list that radio stations could get on - so, i applied. I'm waiting to hear back, but, i hope to hear good things!

I know i'm not a radio station - but, i'm a podcast who serves Canadian music, and independent music from around the globe. I've got a fan base of about 2,000 subscribers - and listeners (Don't let that "chicklet" fool ya!) I consider myself in radio - at least to a point! I just want the chance to work with more than 1 big label - and, a few minors. They serve about 170+ labels...that would come in handy!

Not only that - but, they also serve French based music as well! So, i'm hoping i get the chance to work with them as well, as i need more flavour on this podcast! About 99% of my stuff is english language - minus Rammstien. That's about the only non-english i have on the podcast! The reason i want more french stuff is because Canada has a deep heritage in French as well. We have 2 official languages up here, and i wanna reflect that!

Lastly....there will be an episode this week before i do get the mic - so, don't worry! I'm still contemplating what i'll include in it though. I'm pretty sure it'll be an Album exclusive - but, don't quote me on that! When i decide tonight, i'll do a post for tomorrow letting ya all know what it'll be!