Wow...29 entries old, eh?

Posted by ToxicDoom | Monday, November 03, 2008 |

It's hard to believe that i started this blog early last month, and i've already got 30 entries! Granted, i could have a LOT more, but...ya gotta admit, 29 entries ain't all that bad! I thought right now, i'd do a random entry for ya guys though.

The CD's are slowly coming in the mail. I really wish they'd stop coming in "waves" - where i get like, 1 or 2...and, then 2 weeks later, i get 1 more. It'd be nice if it was...constant. Suppose maybe if i contacted the "Big four" record companies in Canada, they might.

For those of ya who dunno the "Big four" - that's Universal, Sony/BMG, EMI and Warner. Granted, i don't really wanna go for them - but, the Canadian subsidiaries of them do Canadian artists/bands as well. I mean, they'd HAVE, i just might. It's not like i'm getting anywhere with Nettwerk or Maple Recordings.

Maybe i need a new approach to contact record companies.

I am getting somewhere with the small independents, with the bad comes the fantastic! I have 4 small labels on board now, and, that's ALWAYS a plus. I'm also getting some more local talent on board too! "Life In A Doghouse" is one of 'em. I know i don't have many people from Medicine Hat listening to me - but, i'll still fill ya in on that band. LIADH started from one of the bars we have here - appropriately called "The Doghouse". I know 1 of the owners of the bar is in the band - not sure if they all are owners, though. But, yea...they ROCK!

One of the CD's i got in the mail today is from "Crystal Sunshine" - her CD "Nephilim Blood" came today. FINALLY! After 3 weeks. I swear Canada Post was on strike. She is amazing though! It's a nice mix of Tori amos, amy lee and Goth Baroque. She's brilliant on the piano, and her voice! I think i just found the 2nd Amy Lee!

For those of you that wanna check her music out - i'll clear somethin' with her about doing a show where i play the full length release with no commercials, no edits, and my annoying voice! Helps when i don't have a mic...still. Damn it all! lol. I'll post more details on that as soon as i get them, and clear it!

I also wanted to do a show this week featuring Nickelback's new CD, "Dark Horse" - but, that was shut down. I can't do it until the week of it's release. So, maybe this sunday or next. It comes out on the 18th, and, i can do a show that friday to the tuesday it's in stores. So, i'll unleash it upon ya prob'ly 3 days before official release!

Yes - i "Co-operate" with the labels when they co-operate with me!

Anyways, i'll be posting more news and stuff in a bit tonight. I wanna do an update for the Jennifer Hudson story....among others. Be on the lookout for that!