Taking a LEAK! New CDs For the 16th!

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BAD CALVIN!! Pissing on my words! No, i'm not really posting this from my bathroom! Though...well, don't even start giving me ideas, or, i'll have a laptop with an ethernet line running to the bathroom! Talk about freakin' ya out then oO

NO! The reason for the name is because new albums are dropping this Tuesday (The 16th) And thanks to all the labels that have helped keep me going! Granted, there's a few now that i'll move over to the podcast - but, today, i have 3 kick ass releases from new bands droppin' tunes this week!

So, strap yourself in - and, please, tell calvin that if his piss extends over to the cover art of the CD's, i'll kill him! Don't worry, i have Hobbes hostage! lol.

The first CD i'm gonna cover this week is the brand new release from The All-American Rejects with their 3rd studio effort, When The World Comes Down. Perfect title i think - it suits how the band has gone in direction again. They have NOT lost their sound...they've however built on it. It's obvious in the song "Another Heart Calls" - the female vocal (Lead from The Pierces) adds so much depth and vocal arrangement. The choir in the background isn't really annoying either - it adds that KA-BOOM! sound to the song.

Other heavy hitters on this CD include the 2nd single "Mona Lisa", "Real World", and the opening track, "I Wanna"

What's unique about this CD is that the ballads aren't just ballads anymore. They mash 'em up! "The Wind Blows" is just an example of this. It's kinda reminiscent of something that Phil Collins would throw together - mixed with AAR's Vocals, and riffs. Here is an excerpt from the lyrics "I’ve got to breathe | You can’t take that from me | Cause it’s all that you left that’s mine | You had to leave | And that’s all I can see | But you told me your love was blind" Kinda makes one open up one's eyes, right? This has gotta be my favourite track outta the 12 of them so far. I can relate to it...and, it does put me in that "Calm and relaxed" state of mind.

This CD gets a 5 out of 5! It's just as good as their sophmore release, Move Along - if not better! It's completely mind blowing on how they've added the depth to their music, and made it even more mind-blowingly catchy! You can buy the CD by Clicking Here

Next up on the agenda, Fall Out Boy's new CD, Folie à Deux. I read up on what the name meant from Wikipedia - and, the name actually comes from a Psychotic disorder the french call "Folie a Deux", which translates into "a madness shared by two" - and, yes, it's a french term. The album cover art is unique too. And, those thanks go to Luke Chueh.

This CD was Originally supposed to be released the same day as the elections being held in the U.S.A. But, in a later statement from the band, they had said (And i quote)

"Six months ago we thought it would be a fun idea to release our album on election day but this is not the election to be cute. We felt as though rather than making a commentary we were only riding the wave of the election. This seemed less and less like what we intended to do and more of a gimmick. It is now in the hands of our label to give us a new release date. It is our intent to get our record out this year and as soon as possible -- as we made sure to have it done in time for its original release"

Now, onto covering the album a little in detail. I gave this a listen when i ripped it tonight - and, it's an amazing CD! They've collaborated with quite a few names (To say the least), and have ended up with another album to fully be proud of - and, let's not forget the fans! Collaborations include tracks with Lil Wayne, Pharrell, Panic at the Disco and Debbie Harry from Blondie.

Whoa...did i just see Lil Wayne and Pharrell in the mix? Holy shit - I DID! I DID! I can hear the fans screaming "FUCKKKKKK!!!" right now.

I'm here to say - Calm Down. Have some Dip.

Right from the opening track "Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes", to the second song, "I Don't Care" - you can tell it's gonna be a catchy CD. Very much Fall out Boy's Sound, mixed with a little bit of the Old (Think: Riffs sounding very much from This ain't a scene, it's an arms race and Thnks for the Mmrs) - still just that catchy, and hooky!

Ya know, with as many collab's as they had on here - it doesn't really sneak through much. I'd think a little bit of Panic would come through - but, FOB's sound is ....well, they've always had a unique sound to them, and i'm glad they kept it - but, up'd it a little bit!

We'll move on to the collaboration tracks now, shall we? "What A Catch, Donnie" Showcases the band in Elvis Costello's environment, and vice versa. It's hard, it's soft - it's ...ElFall lol. Brendan Urie, Gabe Saporta, Travis McCoy, Doug Neumann, Alex DeLeon and William Beckett use their guest spots all on this song. And, it's weird. It's been awhile since i've seen all the people take a turn singing, and then burst into chorus, and go back at it again. It's hard to point out where some of them are, and who's singing...awesome song though!

If ya like Collaborations, there's 2 more songs to point out, so, let's get right to those!

"Tiffany Blews" - well, it's not quite so freakin' hard to point out Lil Wayne's voice lol. This is a nice little funky number. Reminds me of something from the Commodores, mixed with some "emo" riffs and hooks. "Oh, baby your a classic | like a little black dress | you're a faded moon | stuck on a little hot mess" I Love Lil Wayne in this song! His smokey voice and his voice effects he does on the microphone fit this song, and the jist of this song! I can almost bet this'll be another single (After the 2nd one they have planned, that is)

"Give me a pen, Call me Mr. Benzedrine, But don’t let the doctor in" basically sums up "20 Dollar Nose Bleed" - talk about addict! Brendon Urie also appears in this song. It's not that bad of a song. A little catchy - but, not one of the best tracks on the album, that's for sure. This has shades of something off of the "From Under The Cork Tree" - but, with a little bit of a jazzy feeling added to it. Along with...i dunno....15 seconds of just non-sense rambling...which leads into ....

....The final song of the album, and appropriately, the song Debbie Harry herself is in, "West Coast Smoker" - HEY! What do ya know! An album spoke to me! Smoke sounds good! I've never been blessed to read into songs, or, find the deeper meaning - unless it's a sap story, or a song with so much anger in it that it feels like my head will blow lol. But, that's not the case with this song. We all know the kinda sound that Deb brings into the mix - and, it doesn't disappoint. Getting hard towards the end of a song is nice - also, pausing for a second after a riff...then, singing again - way to lead audiences on, and leave 'em drooling for more! And, how it ended was kinda...sad lol.

This album far exceeded my expectations. I thought they couldn't top "Infinity on high" - and, i was sorta right. But, it's not bad for a 5th studio album from these guys! It just goes to show that they can still rock it - even if they have to bring in people to do Collaborations with - it just adds more depth to it. Granted, i couldn't see 40+ year olds rockin' out to this kinda stuff - but, their Kids will - and, they'll lap it up!

Prove me wrong, people....prove me wrong lol.

Overall - this CD is a 4 Star rating for me in iTunes - that's right! That's my rating system! It has a few letdowns on the CD - but, the eagerly anticipated stuff is just amazing! Vocals weren't off - and the album has a nice pace to it with how they intend ya to listen to it!

You can pick up the CD by Clicking Here

The last CD to go on and on about is Saliva's new one, Cinco Diablo. I'll be winging this one "On-The-Go", as this will be the first time i'm listening to it! WHEEE!! lol. This oughts to be fun! Oh, for anybody wanting to know if the album rocks (And, ya bastards don't take my word for what i'm gonna say :P) The whole album is being streamed on their myspace page. So, go find 'em ya lazy bastards, cause, i'm not providing a link! ha ha!

Well - Cinco. Why, Cinco? Doesn't that mean 5? Cause, ummm....Saliva, if you do your count right, this is album #6. Unless you don't count your Self-titled, then, ok...5 it is! And, if ya guys need a translation, loosely, the album means "Devil 5" or, "5 Devils" - whichever ya chose!

Family Reunion - The first track, and ironically, the first single from the album. I Can see why! It's hard hitting - and, sounds familiar. I think i heard these chords in "Click Click Boom!" and the whole "Superstar" line of songs. It's almost reminiscent of those 2. Just replace some words, and throw in Family Reunion - and you're set! Not bad to announce that they're back again - for the 2nd time in 2 years. Josey is a master, so, i'll let this song slide. I have no complaints about it - other than the fact that it just sounds so familar. Hopefully we'll move into some less than ordinary tracks!

Ohhhh....here we go! My Own Worst Enemy! Kicks ass too! I hope they don't all release single's in order, cause i can see this one being a single. It's pretty self-explanatory here. He's his own worst enemy, he's sold his soul - kinda the stuff talked about on "Always" - but, with that small little twist. The chords, riffs and drums are really unique sounding - they haven't just mangled it and put it back together, or puked another version of a different song out. The solo's are short - but, very awesome and addictive! Great headbanger song - and, i got the hair for it!

Let's skip a few tracks now - otherwise, all these are gonna be the same! It's nice to see influences coming to show again though. Something about the album so far screams Adema a little bit - mixed with some Ozzy and Zakk Wilde. Been awhile since i've heard any Zakk - i might have to go find him again later.

Wow - did i just get off topic? lol. Hey now! Don't blame me - i'm listening to the album in full - cause, that's what i do. I'm still on track 3 "Best Of Me" - they're setting a tone for this record, with how it's gonna be, and they're doin' a helluva job. So far, by my standards, it's just...Amazing! So, bare with me guys! Think of this as a "Live CD listening Party" - only ya can't hear anything unless ya have it to! :)

Whoa - ok, Track 4 it is. "How Could You?" - you know how long i've been waiting to hear an acosutic guitar open up a song for Saliva? Let's just say - it's been awhile! "How Could you cheat on me? Then turn your back on me?" You Cheating whore! lol. *cough cough* - this could be on my repeat for awhile. It's hook is right there - it's catchy, and it's fuckin' HARD! This is another perfect example of one of the best breakup songs - brought to you by Saliva. Saliva's got a long list of 'em, including "Always" and "Rest In Pieces" - this is my new fave! Once you get your hands on this CD - take it, put track 4 on, and blast it at all the cheating whore's in your life! lol.

Hunt You Down is the best follow up! "I'm gonna STOMP YA INTO THE GROUND! I'm BETTER THAN YOU!" Well, i guess if you're gonna blast track 4, blast track 5 as well! Make it a follow-up oO. You could also use this in like, Halo 3 or something blasting those fucks from your screen! Oh, what glory that'd bring! If this doesn't make ya wanna hunt something down - nothing will!

Not that i'm promoting any of this stuff. Keep it legal is what i say ;)

Ok - let's focus on the last songs now - keep this short. Not like i wanna do this ALL night long lol.

Forever & A Day - track 7 - When it kicked in there, for a moment, it sounded like they've been following State of Shock. It's another one of those depressing songs, hidden amongst a nice drum beat - and, hard guitar chords. Wait - there's a piano in there? Wow...nicely hidden guys! "Love is all that matters anyway....Forever & A Day" - ain't that the damn truth! Ya know, thinking about this reminds me of those 80's hair bands - like, Guns N' Roses or Def Leppard (not so much DL, but, still - just the riffs and stuff - i said a LITTLE lol). Not a bad song! Put me in a semi-lucid, semi-calmed down state.

Southern Girls - Track 9 - I'm hoping by the name, i can expect to hear some of their southern rock that they barely ever really do. I mean, they are from Tennessee, so, let's see. Wow - actually, YES IT IS! Way to Go you guys on breaking from the habit! This would be the best summer anthem for the Hard rockers - i don't wanna say Metal-lers lol (is it just me, or am i making up new words as i go along?) With this song - the southern rock is there, but, it's a little hidden between the hard rock riffs...but, if ya can pay attention, and not get A.D.D., you can hear it! I can see the video for this song now. Southern Blondes - in Daisy Dukes....and, wrestling in the mud to this song! Now there's a way to grab attention!

To wrap up the 10 track album, So Long finishes up the album. It's kinda...coldplay-ish with the lyrics, and the piano at the start of the song. Reminds me of Parachutes, or, Yellow. And, for them to incorporate a sound of something Coldplay did on Viva La Vida - it's...weird. A good weird. It's very eclectic, and has lyrics with a deep meaning. It's like he's saying goodbye to a dear friend, or a girlfriend, and he doesn't know when they'll see each other again, but, somewhere deep in the back of his mind, he knows they will. Kind of a good way to finish a CD though. Not knowing when things will end - and, how things will change.

Kind of poetic if ya think about it. This CD is just brilliant! Every CD they've put out has been amazing to say the least! If you guys didn't like Blood Stained Love Story in 2007, you'll love this release! This is by far one of the best CD's since Back Into Your System was released in 2002. This CD got a 5 star rating, and so did every single song on the CD!

You can buy the album by Clicking Here

Well - those are my top 3 releases for CD's that are coming out This Tuesday - December 16, 2008. Hopefully next week is as good!

And, let me know what ya thought about this "Feature" - it's kind of a new way of doing things for me! I've never "Live blogged" before (Even though, you'll see it as one big post, and didn't go live lol) - just let me know how i did!