Turn Me Loose '09 - Show 110 UP NOW!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Wednesday, December 31, 2008 | ,

Wow guys - an hour and a half to go on my end until '09 gets here. I can't believe it still...enough so that i had to take a step back when i woke up today and realize it...and, it hit me. Time for to get Sappy on ya guys now. Seeing as how i don't seem to do it enough.

The goals for this podcast for the past 2 years have always included getting bigger and better than ever. I've had a few...setbacks...that didn't really go my way. Then again, what can go right ALL the time, right? But, looking back on it, i begin to wonder if everything happens for a reason. I'd like to hope so.

Most of the time this year, things did go right - and, according to "plan". I've accomplished about 60% of what i wanted to have done to this podcast this year. I wanted to get more "Out There" - and, so far, that's been working....to a point. I've managed to pick up more listeners, and more subscribers...but, to me, it doesn't seem like "enough"

I've also been trying to extend a welcome hand to Record Labels - but, not all wanna work with me. I could prob'ly come up with a few reasons as to why. But, many independent labels in Canada are working with me, and that's all good - If they keep sending me stuff! I also managed to pick out Universal Media Group Canada along the way. Which shocked the hell out of me lol. Sure, i Lost Warner Music Canada - but, ya can't win 'em all. And, i have picked up 1 of the BEST Labels I could dream of in working with Jesse and the entire lineup over at KillBeat Music

My eyes have been opened to a bunch of new music this year - and, i know that sometimes my podcast isn't always "On Schedule" - but, you guys have stuck behind me all along the way.

Bandwise, i have to Thank these bands and artists who support me fully! I hope i don't forget anyone!

  • Crystal Sunshine
  • Hayden
  • FemBots
  • Hospital Bombers
  • Basia Bulat
  • Dyonisis
  • Aaron Lines
  • Nightwish
  • Tarja Turunen
  • Senses Fail
  • Nickelback
  • Adam Gregory
  • Tara Oram
  • ....and tons TONS more that are on the podcast...these are just some of the bigger supporters!
Labels - Where would i be without you

  • Jesse @ KillBeat Music: What can i say! Thanks for getting me hooked on the bands you promote. If i'm not mistaken, it all started with a band by the name of...FemBots :D
  • RockStar Music Company: Amber, if it wasn't for finding you guys on a total fluke, i don't think i would've got hooked on Elise Estrada! I'm still waiting for that CD in the mail! lol
  • Universal Music Canada: Wow, what can i say? You guys are AMAZING! Thank you for giving the podcast a chance to promote the Canadian Bands you guys represent, as well as the independent labels under you (Hardwood Records and Hayden, i'm talkin' about you!)
These are just a sample! If i forgot anyone - i'm sorry! But, to each and everyone i forgot, i owe ya just as much thanks and support for the growth of the podcast after the comeback 3 months ago!

The plans for next year ....yes, i'm thinking that far ahead, cause, i WILL be here! I wanna find a way to work with the rest of the major labels up here in Canada that represent Canadian artists. As well as the ability to work with more bands and artists that are looking for another medium to get their music out there, and heard by ALL!

Oh yea - and, episode 110 is NOW UP! This is my new year's eve show - and, what perfect timing! So, tune in, rock out with your....wait...i won't go there :D But, it's truly fitting for tonight! Let me know what ya think of the new show, and how everything "melds" with each other!