An Illusion Against Death

Posted by ToxicDoom | Wednesday, February 25, 2009 |

"An Illusion Against Death" is the second full-length from Winnipeg's, The Paperbacks. Produced by long-time fan and supporter, Weakerthans frontman, John K. Samson, the new disc is released on the new Winnipeg label, Parliment Of Trees.

Illusion sees the band continue it's lyrical exploration of hitherto uncharted territory: the layered heartache of taking one's mentally ill sister to visit a dying parent ("Institutions"), the willfully veiled language of medicine and romance ("Things Get Abstract"), the limits that bureaucracy and institutional inertia put on emotional response ("Holocaust Art") The lyrical weight does not, however, offset the tunefulness, allowing the album to vigorously showcase the band's various strengths.

The Paperbacks formed in 2001, and have remained active, touring Canada and Europe, releasing a previous full-length Album ("An Episode Of Sparrows" 2003), as well as a split CD with K Records' Wolf Colonel (Jason Anderson) as part of Endearing Records' "Intercontinental Pop Exchange" (2004) series.

Following the release of "An Illusion Against Death" in July 2007, The Paperbacks toured throughout Canada through the summer of 2008, before putting the finishing touches on a brand new double album set for release this winter!

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