Not Without A Fight

Posted by ToxicDoom | Friday, February 27, 2009 | , ,

Wow - did i ever get a surprise today! Honestly, i've been following these guys since their self-titled 2nd release, and i've been a fan since! But, i had no idea that they were releasing a new CD. I'm so far behind the times you'd think. Nevertheless - they ARE on the podcast, so, what better way to celebrate so to speak than to offer my review of their new CD!

March 10, 2009. That is the date the "Cult following" will have marked on their calanders. Why? This is when New Found Glory's new CD - and, seventh studio album of new material - Not Without A Fight - will be released. Now, if NFG hasn't...turned your crank yet...maybe this will. The guy behind +44 and Blink -182 - among others - actually produced this Album! That's right! Mark Hoppus!

That might explain why this album is probably going to be the band's most influential CD to date. This CD returns them to how they used to sound. Edgy, in your face Pop-Punk. If Coming Home tore this band's career up - this is the saving grace. Right from the very first track, it sets the tone for the record, and it does NOT let up in any way, shape or form. And, what's even more weird is there's not 1 single depressing song on this album. Well...not for me, anyway. The lyrics however have NFG writen all over them.

For me, the first highlight of this album is the first single, "Listen To Your Friends" - it's amazing! I should have listened to my friends...yea, i wonder how many of us guys (Or chicks), can actually say this about someone. Listening to the beat behind it, it really sounds a lot like "Sincerely, Me" mixed with a bit of "Dressed To Kill". I found myself headbanging to this song when i first heard it...and, you know why it was released as a single from the first riff.

"I'll Never Love Again" is really the anthem for us people who seem to fall head over feet, but, don't have any expectations. "You don't have to settle for me at all/I'll never be the one you want/I'll never ever be the one under your arms/and I don't have the face to turn heads" Once again, another song i can heavily relate to. Honestly...a song you should play while you're getting turned down. Good reason to carry an iPod with ya!

If i had to complain about the CD - which all good critics must do...are just 2 songs. "Heartless At Best" and "This Isn't You" - they're not catchy! The lyrics are awesome...but, it just doesn't sound like NFG. It doesn't fit them. However, they're not crappy....they're just sub-par that could've been a bit better...or, at least polished up a little bit more. However, the sound of both songs do fit the CD well, and compliment it.

Despite the 2 "Crappy" songs - this CD got a 5 star rating in iTunes from me. It's nice to see that NFG are back - and, better than that "Tip Of The Iceberg" EP they released last year. And, those people that said "Coming Home" destroyed them in 1 form couldn't be further from the truth! Those critics will flip and do the 180 when they hear this CD for themselves...and understand why NFG rules the Pop-Punk scene! I love how their old sound, and catchy lyrics with edge. Takes me back to 2000.

Wow...did i just turn from 25 to 52 there all of a sudden? lol.