StEC's Review

Posted by ToxicDoom | Tuesday, February 24, 2009 | ,

I wanted to take this time to welcome a friend of mine, Shawn, back to the blogging scene. It started with a forum for him...and, this is the first time i've actually seen him blog - to my knowledge anyways! Hey! Maybe i can bring him on as a contributor to this blog, even the podcast for that matter! He's an excellent writer, and a fellow "music nerd" if ya will ;)

Anyways - on his blog, he does just what he says. He Reviews. Sometimes he rants. Sometimes he goes astray, and can be just as random as me! But, who's to say that's a bad thing? And, it's reviews for Everything! Games, Music...anything he finds cool, he'll review!

So, go check him out - and, follow his blog! And, Hell - follow mine too if ya came from his blog...cause, chance's are ya found me following his, and you'll like this blog and podcast as well!

You can find his blog @