Chat Room, Changes and Submissions

Posted by ToxicDoom | Tuesday, March 03, 2009 | ,

HAHA! And they said it couldn't be done! Mind ya, rather crapily - but, it still does the trick!

Over in the menu, you'll see that 2 things have changed. Well...3. The Digsby widget is gone, there's a new blogged rating thing (Which, by the way, you can use!)...and, there's now a new menu called "Podcast". Under this new menu, there's a few new things! Let's cover them

The chat room is powered by meebo. And, i will almost always be in the room on days of the podcast (Saturday's) as well as infrequently throughout other times. I'm not gonna give away the name i'll be using, or God knows, i'll have imposters lol. But, you'll know it's me when i'm in there! Don't Be Afraid To USE IT!!! That's what it's there for! So, even if i'm not in there - use it anyways! It's better than the digsby widget in some ways, while it sucks in others lol.

Next thing to be added is a Submit Music Feature. This is a simple form for bands and artists to use to let me know about their stuff! Since MySpace sucks now when it comes to messaging bands to tell them about my site, and to try and get them airplay...i've took it into my own hands again, and created this. It's pretty Straight forward on how to fill it out, and what the questions are.

Last thing to be added is a link called Podcast Changes this is only gonna be used for what it has right now - a message to bands (And fans) on what kind of music is now allowed on the podcast, and what's not. Anything you see there prob'ly won't change - as that's what a blog is for!

All of the links in the "Podcast" menu will open up in new tabs...or, new windows. Depending on what browser you use...and, what your settings are. This way, you never have to leave the blog!