A few 'Slight' Problems

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, March 21, 2009 | ,

Ok - well, for those of you who wanted me to launch the blog tonight here....won't happen! I want it at least a little bit done before i do that. So, i'll be @ blogger until Monday...and, after Monday, the move will be Complete.

So, let's describe here a few issues i seem to be having.

First off - i find that i'm only able to add 1 link category to the menu. That might not make sense lol. But...when i go to add "links" to another sidebar...it'll show up with just one of the link categories. I have 3 i wanna move in - Partners, Bands and Music. So, to have all 3 columns showing Partner links....doesn't make sense lol.

The 2nd problem i'm having is with the Podtrac player AND Facebook buttons. 1 only wants to show up at a time - i can't even seem to move 1 into 1 sidebar, and the other in another. Sucks - cause, i have subscribe buttons to add, as well as a blog rating from Blogged.com All in all - that's 5 buttons i need to add.

Third - for some reason different sidebars won't load for me. Sidebar 1, No Problem! lol. Sidebar 2 and 3....talk about more issues than....i won't go there :) So...for now, i'm working with just 1 sidbar.

Those are the only 3 problems i'm having right now - God, i hope there won't be more oO

So, i've gotta give it some time....cause Del and Jaco are sleeping right now - so, that's no issue. Basically, all this post is meant to serve is as a reminder to me...and, if i'm not on tonight when they get back....they both know what's goin' on, and can help me.

And, if you guys have any tips or techniques for me to try here - I'm ALL Ears! Just comment...let me know what i might be doing wrong....and, tah dah!

Thanks for putting up with me...and, what seems to be "Complaining" lol