Find Us On Facebook!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Friday, March 13, 2009 |

While I'm waiting for Twitter to re-activate my account (I guess i joined Twitter awhile ago now - just forgot about it lol) - i have officially put Toxic TuneZ on Facebook now - and not just a group!

So, you can click on the icon you see in this post that's in the menu - and, it'll load the OFFICIAL Fan Page on Facebook! So, if you have facebook, and hate the group side of things - Join as a fan instead!

I decided to go this route today because of the new changes that Facebook implemented...Today. Well...Friday, whatever. I haven't slept yet - so, it's still Friday til i wake up! But, Pages and the new features implemented with the news feed - as well as the new look and feel of just seemed right.

Also, because of the interview/feature on CHAT news sometime....soon. That's another thing that weighed in on this decision. Makes it TONS Easier for people to find the Podcast, join as a fan...and, keep up to date with everything! It also adds a forum element, and a more interactive element to the podcast as well that i can't offer right now.

So, join as a fan! And, tell EVERYONE about it! Let's propel Toxic TuneZ to the rightful top in 2009! You Can prob'ly expect labels and artists/bands to be there as well - so, not like it's a total waste of time :)