Show and Tell

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The title really doesn't say much...does it? It's been almost a year since The Birthday Massacre released their last EP - Looking Glass. I'm pleased to announce that they are back! They announced this on their myspace earlier - so, for those of you who haven't had the chance to see...or hear - the it is!

This is the OFFICIAL press release of what's to come! If you want more info, go to their website at either:

"Since the release of ‘Walking With Strangers’, in September of 2007, The Birthday Massacre have been touring constantly in Europe and North America. While they were touring Germany shortly after it’s release, they played a gig at Knust (a club in Hamburg Germany that holds about 500 people). It just so happened that we gave permission for Crazy Clip, (a local video producer) to record and film the performance. Originally there were only supposed to be 2 or 3 clips aired locally. The project lay dormant for the next 18 months while the band continued touring and then began work on their follow up to Walking With Strangers which is scheduled for release this coming fall.

Beginning in December of last year Rainbow and Falcore started going through the video and audio recordings from that Hamburg show and decided that although it wasn't planned for a "live" record, there was an intimate, small-club feel to the whole project that they liked. And so, they set about editing and mixing the tracks to form the CD, ‘Show and Tell', which will be released May 6th. No bells and whistles, no shimmering sleights of hand or studio tricks; just a hard working band on the stage of a small club doing what they do best. This is not a polished record and that is a good thing. For all of those fans who have had to suffer through the phone recordings of some of their favorite songs, this recording will deliver all of the excitement along with the fidelity!

The DVD of this concert will follow in a few months. The editing of the video and the 5.1 mix are going to make that project more time consuming undertaking.

Drawn from their extensive repertoire, each song is intensified by the bands raw and energetic live performance. This collection will add another dimension to their already sizeable reputation. In addition to being essential listening for current fans of the band, this album is also a great introduction to the music of ‘The Birthday Massacre’ for those who have yet to check them out."

The European release of "Show and Tell" will be May 8th via Repo Records...And also to iTunes worldwide.

Also - 19 tour dates have been announced! If you want more info, you can go to their myspace @

Orrrrr....if you wanna purchase tickets directly - you can go to TicketMaster by clicking Here