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is it weird that reminded me of the Placebo song, Pure Morning? lol. Anyways - i wanted to do a short entry tonight about something i did on...last Tuesday. I think. It mighta been Wednesday.

On...one of those days, i got bored and decided that i'd go through the iTunes store...to see what i could buy. People tend to ask me why i use iTunes for buying music. First off - it's the ONLY store that seems to be open 24/7/365. Online that is. That's available to Canadians. Yea, i do download my share of music as well, but, if the CD or the Artist is amazing...i have no problem purchasing it. I'm what they call a "Smart Consumer". Prob'ly the only thing "Smart". The other reason i buy with iTunes is....there's no converting of the damn CD. You know how...technical that can get? Geeze! Just trying to unwrap the CD, ya need the jaws of life.

Not to say i DON'T buy CD's - normally, those are reserved for the Deluxe CDs or Special Edition CDs. I think the last CD i bought in store was...The Eagle's Very Best Of. That was along with Evanescence's Live CD.

Now ya know where i stand on this whole concept. I don't always buy stuff i hear. Independent and Canadian music? That's a whole other story, because those are the only things i seem to support nowadays.

Anyway - i got off topic. In my looking through iTunes, i noticed that we actually had a pre-order! And, it's still there, up until tomorrow or monday. I went and pre-ordered the Tragically Hip's new CD "We Are The Same" - and, i got the first single when i did! I'm actually drooling in anticipation for this CD! They haven't released anything new since "In Between Evolution" - and, that came in 2004. almost 5 years of waiting for new Hip, and after hearing the new single (Love Is A First)...you begin to understand why they're not really a secret anymore.

If that's not good enough - i get the bonus track "Hush" as well on release date - which is this Tuesday by the way. It's kind of hard to believe that i didn't start getting hardcore into the Hip until In Violet Light was released in 2002. Sure, i'd known them for a long time...but, was only into the singles, and not an entire album. That all changed though - and, now i can honestly say i'm a...Hipster.

On that note, i also got Adam Gregory's new CD, "Crazy Days". That one made me put country back on the podcast lol. Yea, that's right - you'll actually hear some country on the podcast again. Adam's new one takes me back to his CD, "Workin' On It". The sound of it is just amazingly brilliant. The songwriting is...incapable of words. The one song i'm hooked on is "Could I Just Be Me". All ya have to do is pay attention to words...and, it sounds like a life story of sorts.

Since i'm blabbing...and, i'm done with the CDs and stuff, i wanted to throw in some randomness. First off....i'm looking into an easy way for you guys to donate to me (If you so choose) to help me out with the podcast. I don't get paid to do this - and, i do it because i love it. I don't get paid to do it, but, the satisfaction of promoting music and talent is enough for me. That and the exposure to new music is always awesome! So, for those of you interested - i will find something other than paypal (Cause, to me, PP sucks anyway!) So, that those of you that wish to throw me something for my time...can do so.

I've also been thinking that below the video...i wanna remove that, and put an "Independently Licensed" thing in that write-up instead. And, that way, i can show off some of the labels i represent instead of having just links and boring text.

Also on the agenda...i'm bringing back the Artist of the Month feature. Since EFx3 supports pages made with WordPress, i'll just make a page for that. Archiving them is gonna be a little tricky - but, i might just use my webhost that i use to host the feed on and link to them in that page as well.

The last thing i wanna do is incorporate a list of sorts to what i'm listening to right now. AKA: Not Last.fm charts or anything. More along the lines of a list of my Fave CDs at the moment that will constantly change. I might just do a CD thing similar to that of the Artist Of The Month thing that will come. I have so many ideas with these 2 things, it drives me bloody insane just thinking about it!

And, of course - You guys ALWAYS have a say! So, if you have any comments about what might compliment the site and make it one of the best...let me and others know by leaving a comment! The more, the better - ya know?