The Birthday Massacre are back at it! To further promote their upcoming live CD Release, "Show And Tell", they are doing a worldwide tour! The tour starts on April 21...and, begins in Buffalo, NY! This is the poster for the schedule.

You can click on the poster to go to the tour info on their website! From there, you can find your venue of choice, and it'll take ya to the place where ya can buy tickets. Keep in mind, that it is cheaper to buy the tickets online in advance than it would be to buy tickets at the door (This should be...common sense)

There are still some major announcements coming about the Toronto well as many of the others! And, don't forget that it is cheaper to buy the tickets online, in advance!

Don't forget - Show & Tell will be released in 2 weeks, on May 5, 2009. You can pre-order the CD Here if you live in North America, and Here if you live in Europe.

I will have the CD as soon as it's released. So, expect a huge show 2 friday's from now!