Episode 201 up now!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Sunday, January 24, 2010 | , , , , , ,

Well, if ya can't tell from the episode itself, i'm a little stressed out. That's putting it mildly. I vented quite a bit on there - mixed in with some awesome tuneage! I've got a headache like ya wouldn't believe, so writing is a chore right now.

Too many people are bringing drama in my life - if it's not the bitch i won't speak of (I did mention her initials on the episode - the bitch of twitter-land lol) - it's people showing their true colours. Let's just say "Homies 4 life" is supposed to mean just that. Not the opposite.

Unless it's fuckin opposite week - and, i wasn't notified. not even a damn post-it note. No email....no, nothing. So, i've come to the conclusion that...people were prob'ly right about that to begin with.

I don't see why the fuck people have to be so fake about shit. Why they can't just BE REAL with things, and ACT REAL instead of being all fake? Are they that desperate for attention that they have to go and be someone else, or act like someone else?

This is why the internet blows. People can't just be themselves. No, that's too much to fuckin ask for i suppose. And, it's not like it's anything new - fuck, that's been around for as long as i've been on the internet for. And, this is why i don't trust the internet anymore. Nothing anyone says is real. This is also why i don't follow celeb's and their damn lives. Cause, 80% of them just like to create this "Drama" and live in it.

Seriously - i call it "Dramaland" - it should really be a part of Disney. Or, if it is...it's the hidden part where all the fakes live, and is the rotten underbelly of everything humane.

But, enough about that shit, or, i'm gonna stroke the fuck out lmao.

Today's episode really relates the bad mood. I listened to the playlist, and it's got this whole kind of "Death" theme to it. That and Trust - yea, 2 things that really go hand in hand.

And, i vented about why it took me 2 weeks - cluster fucked like my thoughts - but, still lol. This is why i should just let the music do the talking. Because, i'm bi-polar...no hiding that. So, when i talk...it's all....fucked up. Too many damn thoughts in a minute. And, it shows!

Hopefully next week will be a little better. One can only hope.