New Year - NEW look!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Wednesday, January 06, 2010 | , , ,

Last week, i had said that the podcast was going on a hiatus, and had no idea when it was returning. Well, all that changed! Not only has the site gone over a complete overhaul (Thanks to Rusty, one of the awesome admins for helping!) - but, it has also shifted musical directions. Let's explain.

I've been in a bit of a "Dark Mood" lately, and i have been getting into more music because of that. More metal, Gothic and "Horrorcore" - AKA: Insane Clown Posse, Dark Lotus, Violent J...those guys that brought Horrorcore to the forefront.

Toxic TuneZ Will now Focus on these genres, and ONLY these Genres:

  • Horrorcore

  • Rap and Hip-Hop - which also includes some R&B

  • Hard Rock, Metal, Gothic/Industrial

  • Punk and Pop-Punk along with Power-pop

So, it's really not all that bad! I am now delving into a market that isn't in this city, let alone on any podcast anywhere. Not many artists were cut - but, anything that falls into the "Soft" category of things - like the alternative, acoustic...those types of things - are GONE!

I've sent out some emails to the labels that i wanna get on here - that aren't in my partners list yet. To give ya an example of what i'm gonna be playing, i'd recommend checking out the labels' sites!

  1. Psychopathic Records

  2. Subnoize Records

  3. Victory Records

  4. Rise Records

  5. Decaydance Records

  6. 604 Records

  7. Roadrunner Records (As i DO work with Five Finger Death Punch)

  8. Strange Music

  9. Modern Short Stories

So, i'm hoping that they got my emails i sent to each of them, and that they see this entry - and, get back to me with a positive response!

Other than that....mark this date on your calendars: January 15, 2010

That will be when the podcast makes it's return - and, marks it's journey into "The Dark Side"

Hope ya enjoy - and, are drooling getting ready for the new Toxic!