Slight change - and, Elise Estrada!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Thursday, January 28, 2010 | ,

There's been a slight change with 1 of the groups on this podcast, as they will NOT be aired anymore. Not because i'm being childish. Well, it's partly because of that. But, the other reason is that they're now breaking down into the States as well - therefore, going "Mainstream"

The group in question: Girlicious. I'm not gonna touch base with what happened....but, yea. Until i'm proved otherwise - any mention of the group has been (Or will be) removed from the podcast and the blog. Now, i'm not gonna take down Episode 201 where i debuted the new single - but, any previous entries, and any further shows will undergo the reflection.

If ya want me to recommend someone else - Go listen to Elise Estrada. She will still be on the podcast.

Speaking of Elise - there was something i saw on twitter lastnight from Amber Hope and Adam H. Apparently, Elise is currently in the studio recording her Sophomore album! I can't wait for that! I think one of the confirmed tracks that i saw posted lastnight was called "You're So Hollywood"

More info on that when i get it!