T Minus 4 days!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Monday, January 11, 2010 | , ,

We all know Toxic is gonna Re-launch on Friday, January 15, 2010 - but, now i actually have a little bit of a...dilemma. This has been floating around in my head most of the day. So, here it goes!

Since this will basically be "Version 2.0" - i wanna do a totally new feed for the podcast. It's NOT that hard to do. And, people would still be able to access the old feed. But, instead of going from Episode 116 to 201 - and confuse the hell outta people...why not create a new feed?

I'll gladly leave the old feed up, and will NOT remove it from iTunes. However, i'm gonna make it a ton easier to find in iTunes, and re-launch with the new "Toxic" logo.

Also - i have started the playlist - lastnight actually, and have 16 songs in there already...9 more to go! lol.

Yea - you guys are gonna be shocked as fuck - lemme tell ya that! You think i was "Soft" before - yea, that prob'ly WON'T be the case this time around. I'm getting into a ton of different things, thanks to my Friend, Janelle. She's opened my eyes to the darker rap - and, brought me back to the Juggalo world.

And - to labels who i've contacted: If you guys haven't got back to me by Thursday (at LEAST) - i'm gonna have to go ahead with the show regardless. So, if you're left out of the show, ya know why. I'm not gonna go behind your backs. Not what i do. So, yea.

This week's show however, will focus on the Darker side of things - mainly Death Rap and the like. You can expect to hear things like Necro, Dark Lotus, Big Scoob, Ill Bill and Tech N9ne.

There will be some curve balls thrown in - and, really - i don't wanna say anything else, because if i give ALL my secrets away....really, what would ya have to wait for? :D