Twitter Time Out

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, January 16, 2010 |

So, a LOT has been on my mind, and a LOT more has happened these past few days - things i'd like to forget even happened. Things that i can't take back. Mainly, about this one whore on twitter that i've had to constantly deal with - Yea, i'm not mentioning names, cause this podcast is TOO DAMN GOOD for her!!! And, she google's herself at any time of the fucking day. Fuck that. NO MORE PRESS!

That along with my daily thinking schedule - has left me stressed out to the max. So, needless to say - i will be off twitter for about a week. Nothing else...just fuckin twitter.

So - in the meantime, i do have a show lined up for this week - and, i will work on getting all the links back - so, don't worry about that. I also think i have my old podcast feed - the one that goes back 3 years - to find and link ya to! lol.

In the meantime: Those looking to get ahold of me can do so these ways:

  1. Windows Live/MSN Messenger: doombear420 [at] live [dot] ca

  2. Yahoo: xxvideokid420xx

  3. Google Talk: doombear83 [at] gmail [dot] com

  4. Email: toxic [AT] telus [DOT] net

You can feel free to comment here, leave your info if ya wanna talk to me during my "Twitter time out" - and, hopefully i'll talk to ya then! If not....i guess you'll see me when i come back next saturday!

And - by God - the NEXT person who mentions that whore when i get back other than 3 people....are seriously BANNED! lol.

Sorry - but, that's how much her drama and crazed filled life just gets to me!