CARNIFEX's dark new opus, Hell Chose Me, is now available for pre-order. For just $18, you will receive the vile and destructive new release with an autographed CD booklet and a brutal CARNIFEX t-shirt that is exclusive to this pre-order. Hell Chose Me will be the next American Death Metal masterpiece when it hits stores February 16th.


The CLOSE YOUR EYES pre-order package is now available. For only $18, get a brand new CLOSE YOUR EYES t-shirt along with a copy of their powerful debut album, We Will Overcome. We Will Overcome continues the tradition of taking strong, positive, melodic hardcore music from the underground and pumping it into the hearts of fans world-wide. If you are a fan of A DAY TO REMEMBER, COMEBACK KID, and RISE AGAINST, you'll love CLOSE YOUR EYES. Discover your next favorite band before everyone else does.


The JAMIE'S ELSEWHERE pre-order package is also available. For just $18, you'll get a brand new JAMIE'S ELSEWHERE t-shirt along with their sophomore album, They Said A Storm Was Coming, which hits stores February 16th. They Said A Storm Was Coming packs a ferocious punch that combines giant breakdowns with unforgettable pop-metal hooks and choruses. If you are a fan of A DAY TO REMEMBER, ATTACK ATTACK, and UNDEROATH, you'll love JAMIE'S ELSEWHERE.