Time off

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, February 13, 2010 | ,

I'm sorry to have to do this again guys, i REALLY am but, my mental capacity to deal with shit has just....gone down. It's a long story to get into right now, and really not for the podcast blog. Those of you that can get to my personal blog, because ya know the address - or, something else that makes ya find it (lol) - it's all on there.

I now need to take the time off during the Winter games to "Reflect" on shit. To put shit into perspective. Hopefully for the better...maybe not. I'm not too optimistic right now about that whole front.

Duing this time - i will rarely be seen. And, if i am, it'll be on msn. And, that'll be once in a blue moon.

No, i am NOT quitting the podcast. That's not what needs to be put into perspective. So, don't worry about that. Regular episodes will begin again in March.

Hopefully, i'll have a clearer head to do shit - and, get shit done.

Again, i do apologize for the downtime once again - but, every now and then, this is what a person has to do. And, mental capacity trumps other shit in a heartbeat. Not like i need to end up back in the hospital because of stress again.