Been Awhile!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Thursday, April 01, 2010 | , , , , , , ,

Well - i'm back from break for a little - just to kind of update ya guys on what's happening in my life right now :) One entry that would normally go to the personal blog - but, one that i think ya guys should know about.

During my time off, there has been a little bit going on in this house. Actually, a lot. First, we're in the process of losing the house. Parents went and got a second mortgage a few years ago, screwed up - dad lost his job. But, the real estate guy came 2 weeks ago, and appraised the house. A little bit below what was originally given....but, gave us basically a 2 month time frame. Wants us out by mid-May, which means i have to find a place to stay.

I've been running around a little bit, trying to find a place - and, i think i may have found a place. With one of the people i met during the 2nd stay at the hospital. Problem is, i can't take my cats - therefore, i have to leave them with Dad and Kelly - which isn't really an issue, cause the cats know i'm not abandoning them. They're well taken care of with them, and i don't have to worry about them as a whole.

Yea, as you can plainly see, i'm an animal person. And, the things that half these people who own pets don't do, i hate with a passion. When ya have a bloody animal, you're supposed to treat it how you would like to be treated. Food, shelter - LOVE.

....But, that's off topic :)

So, now that's taken care of. It sucks when you're on social assistance though, and they'll only give ya $323 a month for rent. lol. Ya barely make enough to survive. Stupid Canadian politics. If it wasn't for the deal i hammed out, i don't have to really give up anything. I only pay for BellTV and Telus internet and phone. She's got a dish - so, 1 terminal can go back. That'll lower my bill a little bit. Plus, she wants away from Shaw - so, me brining up the Internet and a phone...yep yep.

I'm hoping to get back to school soon too. I can't do it from a school based setting - last time i was assessed. So...i can do it from home. This house is just not doing it for me anymore. I need to be on my own. Lotta bad shit that i just done with. Stupid demons lol. (No, not in the paranormal sense.)

Oh - and, then computer crashed LMAO. Perfect fucking timing if i do say so myself. And, the guy has had it since...Saturday. Maybe Tech2Go in Medicine Hat wasn't my smartest move. Yea, ok - it all crashed. Hard drive failed - and, burnt out. Dust and Fur (That should've actually been cleaned by the last guy - no name's.) But, everything that failed burned out. And, everything was running on low power. So, MDG kinda sucks in my book's.

So, now i lost everything. Labels and Bands: This is why i ask for HARD COPIES! lol. Cause, now - i gotta put all my crap back in there - and, download what i can get back. Lost everything on that drive i had over 3 years. Now, let's just hope that Telus likes me....cause, they're gonna see bandwidth increase lol.

That's why i'm still gone. Plus, i've been sick these last 5 days, and am just getting over it. I'm using a bloody netbook that's hooked up to the monitor and keyboard....and, using wireless right now. Kinda sucks lol. So, i haven't really been around as much as i used to. I don't think i ever will be on like that for awhile. I'll be here when i can, but other than that.... lol.

Please understand that if i'm not here, and not doing the show right's not cause i don't want to. I have to, because there's a lot of crap right now that's happening that i need to take a break from. To get my life on the track i want and need it to go....and, do it without getting overwhelmed.

And, i'm still trying to figure out who my friends are. That takes some time. Not only offline, but online as well. I've had some fake ass people just drain it out of me. First, there was "Nat". And, i really don't know shit cause she's blocked me. I didn't start to really judge....But, Chad had me too, and i stopped following him and talking to him. He's come off fake. He talks all this shit, and then does something to contradict himself, and be proved wrong...and, makes up shit. PLAYA! lol.

Fuck - half the friends i used to consider friends have seem to come up as well. Yea, there's some i hold true - but, some that i consider....Associates lol. But, some of them are just...don't want anything to seem to wanna do with me. Is it cause i'm broken? Maybe i'm just a wallflower - well, i know i am, but to a point. I dunno. Maybe it's just cause i have the depression and bi-polar shit. Maybe it's cause people can't seem to drop shit in their heads that i have taken the blame for, but are just made up....cause, i don't "Cougar it up" lol. Not to someone i've known for 20 some years.

Anyways, i'm rambling on and on. All this shit that's been following me a month and some have now come out. Take it as ya will. :)