Nothing major guys! I swear! I just wanted to let you guys know a few things!

First off - the podcast will make a slight return this week! I'll be playing some NEW MUSIC! Most notably, from Kutt Calhoun, Bizarre, Stone Sour....And, i'll be unleashing the new Methods of Mayhem Song, "Fight Song"

Now, to keep you guys here in the loop as to why i've been gone so long! I normally take the summers off - though, this time, that's not the case. I am actually in the middle of putting together a business plan, and a business model to take the podcast to the next level - A dedicated 24/365 (or, 362) online radio station!

I am going through a company based out of Toronto - Leadership Grants of Canada. Although, nothing is set in stone yet - i'm feeling bery confident! Even if the grant doesn't go as planned, i will be taking this business plan to a local company - regardless - because, i do need a proof-reader. Someone to give me feedback, and make changes where needed to give it that extra spark.

So, that's where i'm at right now! And, the business plan is nothing to sneeze at. I've completed almost 3 sections (not to mention the sub-sections that come with them) - and, have already put together 40+ pages. I still have 8 or 9 sections left, and the deadline is next month - July 23. 6 Weeks from start to finish!

In between - my weekends will be dedicated on pushing out new shows - as i know i only have 2 thanks to the fucking old feed going down (Which is really weird, because if you go into iTunes - episodes 101 to 115 and beyond are still there, but...can't be downloaded. They'll play from the storefront though! lmao!)

My next task before Saturday's episode unleashes upon ya guys - will be going direct to the labels that i work with, and basically tell them what's going on - and, how much support i'm going to need for this idea to come together!

Anyways guys, i AM reading all your feedback i've been given - and felt that it was necessary to let ya guys know where i'm at in this world - even though it's not set in stone yet. I didn't wanna jinx shit, hence why i didn't get into it when i applied for this grant, and even still, i feel like i might not get anywhere with this, and the idea of launching a full blown radio station.

This is where i need your support - Now, more than EVER!!!

I'll keep you guys updated, and in the loop starting today - and, throughout the rest of this process! I'm hopeful for this, and hope you guys will be too!