Are ya shocked? I know i am! lol. An early episode that i recorded at 7:40 this morning! WOW!

Now, this episode is short. I did want to get out there that i now have an Edmonton Scene! Nova Rockafeller - a 21 year old Edmonton Born, Jamaican raised - Female Rapper Representin' - and, well known - not just in Edmonton - but, all over - From T. Dot and back again! She does it all! Not only is Nova Rockafeller featured, i tried to focus on a few of the other artists that are on the Run EDM Mixtape i got from Nova yesterday!

So, of course - this is a BIG SHOUTOUT to Nova, Deffine, Redef, Grim Empire, Rome Angel and Trippz!

These are the songs in order:

1. Love-Hate (Feat. Deffine) By Nova Rockafeller
2. Break Away By Redef
3. VideoGame (Feat. Nova Rockafeller) By Grim Empire
4. It's Hilarious (Feat. K Blitz) By Trippz
5. On Blast By Nova Rockafeller
6. Can't See The Lyghtz by Rome Angel


Nova will be in Medicine Hat on July 17, and Edmonton at Eden on July 23rd...and, rounding out the month, July 29 in


She IS on Tap to perform for the flood victims of Maple Creek...and, as soon as i get more details about the show, i'll be sure to pass 'em along!

Oh yea! Links! lmao.