I don't really have a description for today's episode. It should've been up...earlier than this, but it wasn't  so, what are ya gonna do? The new music that i promised was to air after the Canada Day special...have been added to this weeks episode!

Methods Of Mayhem's 'Fight Song' and Stone Sour's new song from their upcoming CD, 'Audio Secrecy'

Included is some random news from nickelback and victory records.

Also - more details about the Maple Creek flood relief concert have been confirmed. Details are here, and on the site!

I was in a bad mood, so, this was actually recorded in real time. I listened to the music after doing my recording...just so i could stop the bad mood from transfering over. So, hopefully i did that, and blended the music good!

Ya know what to do if ya have any questions or comments!


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