Air Farce Live

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, October 25, 2008 |

For nearly 3 decades combined on Radio and TV, Air Farce has provided serious laughs to Canadians coast to coast! Their unforgettable characters, take on news, and the cast in general will never be forgotten. This season, they take their "Final Flight" in a Live format! Surprisingly, it worked really well, too! No doors refused to open, no lights exploded in the middle of a sketch, no pants fell down – all the things that could happen in live tv. Okay, we had a few glitches… and two of them are on this DVD. Check out Jessica and Craig trying to keep a straight face in “Cross Border Car Shopper” and “Prime Minister’s Choice”, and together with Penelope, they bravely press through to the end of “Vomit Virus”, even if Craig’s moustache doesn’t. As well as the live studio sketches, this collection includes some of our favourite Farce Films – digital shorts, shot on location, and played back live during the show. “Rink Widow” and “Indiana Jenkins” are instant classics.

And all the hot topics of the 2007/2008 are covered in Air Farce Live – the rise of the Canadian dollar, Barrack Obama’s emergence on the American scene, Amy Winehouse’s unstable behaviour, Sister Bessie’s Awards for parliament and politics, and the usual Air Farce mix of the highs and lows and just plain silly.

Now, you can remember the entire cast - even when they say goodbye at the end of this season with this DVD! You'll be in stitches, and, will watch it again and again!

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