Am I really a pest?

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, October 25, 2008 |

I'm getting really tired...but, to me, i think it's worth it. Tell me what you think!

A couple days ago, i wiki'd Canadian Record Labels. (If ya don't wanna try it, i've done the work for ya, go Here) I feel like a pest! I feel like 1 of those spammers, cause, i wrote a letter in wordpad...and, now, it's just copy and paste. So, now, i'm doing this entry here - cause, i included the link in the note. And, just on the "Off Chance" that i do happen to get a few labels, i want them to know that it was me, and it's actually not just random. You wouldn't believe how many times that's happened to me!

I'm getting really good at this whole promoting though...i think so anyways. There's still A LOT for me to learn however. 2 years at an online radio station just showed me a little bit of the ropes. Believe it or not, i'm also beginning to wonder if my blog entries suck too. Yes, i know...can i get anymore self-concious? Let me try and explain.

Whoa....i almost typed palin....LMAO. Damn you SNL!

I was watching TV lastnight....watching back episodes of "Lab With Leo" - cause, G4 cancelled his show for some stupid reason. They only did 180 some shows. But, anyways...Kate mentioned something about a website called, and got into a little bit of what it was about. I checked it out today - and, just a little bit of what i read, i learned a little bit. Hard to believe for a guy that's really got no brain until i need it oO

I just wanna write a little bit better - to keep everyone "Entertained" - i'm trying to be grammatically correct - and, more importantly, i'm gonna try and stop doin' the "Ummm" stuff when i have nothing to say! Just let it flow naturally, and, wait til i have something to fill the "ummm" space up :D

So, this should be fun! *cough*

I wonder how the hell Kelly does it lol.