Episode 105 coming tonight!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, October 18, 2008 |

hey all! Hope you're enjoying the site a little bit now :) Anyways, i wanted to do a news post about the latest show - so, here goes!

Episode 105 will hopefully be up tonight sometime. I'm still up - which means, i can't sleep yet. I'm getting there though! There's been a lot of....drama....here to say the least. Stuff i'm not even gonna get into. Hopefully though, it'll be semi-quiet today when i wake up, i can put together the episode. I know i missed out last week - and, this is still sorta why.

Don't think i've disappeared though!

I am working on getting new music lined up for this week's episode. Tara Oram is one of the main ones i'm working on...but, it's gonna be a pain in the ass - literally! And, there will of course be more! So, stay tuned!

I'll do a complete "wrap up" when the show is posted tonight - so, be on the lookout for that!

Anyways guys - it's time for me to try and hit the hay!