LAZY-ness Following? lol.

Posted by ToxicDoom | Sunday, October 19, 2008 |

holy shit, am i ever tired guys. Yea, i know - i promised a podcast this weekend....that didn't happen (I mentioned a little bit of why the other day), i will push out an episode during the week - as well as the scheduled, there will be 2 new ones by next sunday - i swear to...well, i promise! :D

I've been watching movies and documentaries all day today. Started with a really "Lame" one - Are we done yet - which culminated into the Dixie Chicks documentary, "Shut up & Sing" - really good too! I dunno...something about a political uproar i LOVE!!! lol. But, i liked them before - i LOVE them more now! Something about seeing music documentaries and behind the scenes stuff that actually gets me more into the music. i wish EVERY band would do that - but, i've only seen a couple now. It's the same way with concerts - both seeing them live, and watching them on DVD. I guess i'm just weird like that. But, honestly guys - if ya haven't seen that documentary, it's really worth it. It follows them for 3 years, after Natalie made that comment about Bush in the UK...and, how that sparked the 2006 album, and all the...tribulations that followed. I guess that's the right word. If i can find it, i'll actually post a link :)

Hey! Come on now! It's still music! Even though they are "mainstream" :P

Suck it up! lol

ummmm.....yea, moving on! oO

I need some followers of this blog! So, i'll be on the hunt today - whenever the hell i decide to come back on. Seriously guys, if you've never pulled a 15 hour before - try it, and, then, come back on the computer for a little bit...does NOT do the eyes good. They really do look like oO...prob'ly more like this though (O)___(O)

That so reminded me of the Family guy episode i saw the other day lol. Brian recieves an award for his poem or story or something, and they go to martha's vineyard. Brian makes a move on Lois...and, then, when brian's on the phone with stewie, they do a flashback of stewie at a grateful dead concert wiggin' out on...whatever the hell he's on


How the hell did we get on THAT topic now. God - be glad i don't have a mic yet ya guys, cause, i could do a really random and odd...pod.


that rhymed!

wow - ok...i obviously cannot do this anymore right now :D

So, ok - become a follower of my blog guys! Like i said...earlier...i'll be making my rounds on blogger tonight when i get back on! I really should have that damn blogger bar up top of my blog to make that kinda do ya say? EASIER? Yea...that's the word. But, meh - i'll just go random! And, if i follow you guys - please, if ya find me or the podcast interesting - follow me! :D

Well, that's it for me....for now. Ya know i'll be back sometime! I'm gonna be figuring out what else to add to this site to make it more...exciting. So exciting in fact, you're gonna need a few paper towels for all the drool you'll be spillin'!

I should go before i get any stupider. Cause, i'm honestly thinking i'm funny right now.

That's when ya know i have ISSUES!!!


~Tox (Toxic...whatever...shorthand :D)