Episode 105 is NOW UP!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Wednesday, October 22, 2008 |

Hey guys - if ya couldn't figure it out, episode 105 is now up, and ready to be listened to/downloaded/streamed!

In the next few hours, i'll have a more simple way of subscribing up! It'll be called "Feeds" or something, and, all ya have to do is click a button for your desired program/web app, and, it'll do the "hard work" for ya!

Well, not the 2 week break i would've wanted, but, a break nonetheless! Making up for the 2 weeks off is the first episode of 2 of "unscheduled" shows. That's right - 2 unscheduled, including the 1 on Saturday! 3 new shows this week! Aren't ya guys in luck, eh? On the show this week is a truly Canadian touch. 3/4's of the songs are Canadian! David Usher, Jann Arden, Billy Talent, Econoline Crush, Blue Rodeo, The Tragically Hip and K-os among others! Also, there's a little bit of 'twang this week as well - i threw in 2 country songs to give it "flavour" - a song from Paul Brandt, and 1 from Adam Gregory. Both great homegrown talent!

The NEW Website is FINALLY up as well! Make sure ya visit and bookmark: http://toxicast.blogspot.com where you'll find news from the podcast, new release CD's as well as
playlists from the recent shows! And, try to make a small donation if ya can using paypal - as we all know i don't get "paid" to do this!