October 23 Update!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Wednesday, October 22, 2008 |

It is now officially going on 6am, and, thanks to the Diet Dr. Pepper, i'm still up! YEA! lol. I've updated the site quite a bit, so, let's get down to what's new and notable!

  1. Weekly CD: I've now put up a thing on the right hand side of the site for this! This is gonna be one of the more "awesome" things i've added. The name basically says it all. Every week, i will put up a new CD that i can't get enough of! These will be from music that is on the podcast - sometimes new releases, sometimes old. You'll never know! But, this will be the 1 section where LOWEST PRICES WIN! So, for those of you like me on a budget - pay attention :P
  2. News feeds: To save me the hassle of typing everything, and because i suck at wording - feeds from CTV, TMZ, Rolling stone and MSNBC have been brought in! So, you'll see CD Reviews, Movie reviews, Entertainment headlines and the like all appear here! ALL RSS Feeds are located on the RIGHT HAND SIDE! If ya like reading...you'll love these!
  3. Syndication: Links to favourite me on your favourite reader and/or site for bookmarks couldn't be easier! Right now, you can add me to sites like, Podnova, Odeo, Google, Windows Live and MSN. ALSO: Links for podcatchers such as Zune and iTunes have been added there as well! So, basically, it's point and click! More will come - let me know what ya use, and, i'll put it up!
  4. Links have been moved: All links have been moved over to the Left hand side now - to accommodate all the RSS feeds. So, HAHA!
That's all i can think of right now! I honestly believe there'll be more to come....especially if the whole nightowl thing keeps up again! oO

Let me know what ya think guys!