October 27, 2008

Posted by ToxicDoom | Monday, October 27, 2008 |

It's been awhile since my last post, i know. I'm back though! I've added TONS of new music - so much that it's actually hard to compile a list. However, i'm gonna! I did a massive overhaul on the weekend. I was just getting sick of some of the mainstream music i had. (Yea, i actually have 2 music folders on my hard-drive...podcast and mainstream, as well as the comedy folder in the podcast folder.) I got rid of 40 gigs of mainstream stuff, and, added about half that in new music for the podcast. What's been added? For starters, more Canadian music :D Most of it, actually.

I want to also thank the labels that have responded to my latest emails! Hardwood Records & Blocks Recording Club you might've heard of Hardwood Records if you're Canadian, and into Hayden! A Big thank you guys for jumping on board! Be sure ya check 'em out - i'll have banners ASAP!

Onto the list of what's been added this week!

  1. Apathy: a hip-hop act from Willimantic (Connecticut) Ap started “taking this rap shit seriously”, and a few short years later, Ap made his debut on wax, appearing on three tracks on Jedi Mind Tricks critically acclaimed underground debut “The Psycho Social” LP in 1996. But it wasn’t until 1998 that Apathy graduated from guest artist to solo artist. With an initial show-stealing verse on an Eddie Ill and D.L. freestyle, Apathy soon followed suit with several incredible solo singles including “Compatible”, “Just Begun”, “School”, and “Ain’t Nuttin’ Nice”, each released through Bronx Science Records. Linking up with Celph Titled, a former employee of Bronx Science’s distributor, Buds, Apathy helped form the Demigodz crew, which also included strong underground acts such as 7L & Esoteric, El Fudge, Louis Logic, Rise, Open Mic, and others. You can check him out by Clicking Here
  2. April Wine: Classic rock Canadian band that are still touring and making albums 30 years down the road! They have been a staple up here in Canada (Much like Loverboy) since they first broke on the scene in 1969. According to the band they chose the name ‘April Wine’ simply because it was two words that sounded good together. The band would go on to release over 20 albums and forge a live performance reputation that sees them still drawing devoted crowds across Canada and around the world 37 years after taking their first steps into the hard rock spotlight. You can check them out by Clicking Here
  3. Bran Van 3000: An electronic band that hit it big with their hit "Drinking In L.A" in 1998. They have since released 2 more CD's ("Discosis", and "Rose") But, they are still going! You can check them out by Clicking Here
  4. Broken Social Scene: Broken Social Scene: Juno award winning, indie rock superband formed in 1999 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They're a combo between rock, pop...almost eveything clashed together. They're actually "Baroque Pop" - they are AWESOME! They have released 4 Albums and a TON of EP's and Singles! You can check them out by Clicking Here
  5. Buck 65: This guy is awesome! He's got a big music background, and, like others, blends his musical genre's together! He has gone from a hip-hop sound, to a more pop and rock-ish sound, but, you can still hear his hip-hop background in everything he does! Halifax born, he gives a good name to what ya can do musically, and still "Stay true" to the music scene, and pushes the envelope! You can check him out by Clicking Here
  6. Classified: Luke Boyd, known professionally as Classified, is an underground Canadian rapper and producer from Enfield, Nova Scotia. His 2005 album Boy-Cott-In the Industry reached #46 on SoundScan's Canadian R&B charts. His singles "The Maritimes", "5th Element" and "No Mistakes" were all Top 20 hits on MuchMusic and MTV Canada that year. His video for "No Mistakes" won an MMVA for MuchVibe Best Rap Video. Boy-Cott-In the Industry earned him a Juno Award nomination for Rap Recording of the Year in 2006,[1] and Hitch Hikin' Music resulted in a second one in 2007. You can check him out by Clicking Here
  7. The New Pornographers: a Canadian indie rock supergroup formed in 1997 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their sound is highly influenced by such power pop bands as The Cars and Cheap Trick. Carl Newman, who writes most of the band's material, has said, "When I seriously started to try to write songs, my main influences were, like, Burt Bacharach, Jimmy Webb, and Brian Wilson. Those were the guys I kinda looked at their music and went, 'What the hell are they doing here?' I was just fascinated by the structures and the harmonics."[1] The melody of the first and eponymous track on their second album Electric Version, for instance, begins with an arpeggiated diminished triad—a rare and strange opening flourish for a pop song. You can check them out by Clicking Here
Other notable adds include: Copywrite, The Kaiser Chiefs, & Tokyo Police Club