96th Annual Grey Cup!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Sunday, November 23, 2008 |

Well, it started at 4pm MT/6pm ET - and, it's gonna be a game to remember! Calgary Stampeeders Vs. the Montreal Alouettes. Who is everyone going for? I know who i'm rooting for, but, i'm not gonna say anything in case i jinx it! And, it's prob'ly not who everyone thinks!

About 3 minutes left in the first quarter - Montreal is up with a Field Goal, 3-0. I'm betting that things won't open up til maybe...the 2nd half in the 3rd quarter. That's about the time the Adrenaline starts pumping!

Theory of a Deadman will be rockin' the half-time show this year! How will they open? I think they'll play the first single from their new CD "Scars & Souveniers" - their first single being So Happy. They'll prob'ly go from there to do some stuff off their Self-titled debut - and, finish it off with Last Song - also from their self-titled! But, so many possibilities there lol.

Along with TOADM - Suzie McNeil and Andree Watters Will Be There! And, i've never heard of both of them before, so, it'll be a joy to see some more talent that i've never seen or heard from! But, thanks to Pepsi (And, Diet Pepsi might i add) - it'll be a unique experience. Last year, it was Lenny Kravitz rockin' out - before that...i can't remember lol. Hell, i can't remember EVERY year that i've been watchin' it. Even when Toronto made the cup!

Anyways guys - i'm gonna go watch it! I'll post some thoughts about the game after! With the help of TSN.ca as well - and, for those of you who aren't lucky enough to be watchin' it (It is being shown in the U.S market - and, a few others - including Australia, the U.K. And a few others - go watch it!) If ya can't watch it, at least keep up to date on this site: TSN.ca