Democracy NOW!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, November 22, 2008 |

I must be "Breaking rules" again...ya know what, screw it - it's my blog! HAHA! See how i win there? I'm gonna write a little bit about the new Guns N' Roses CD! I mean, how can i not after 14 years of patiently waiting for new stuff?

This album in 1 word - ROCKS! For a band to come back after 14 years (Nearly 15) - and to release such an amazing CD after that long. After all the problems with Axl and the other members, i'm glad to know that's all behind them now! And, this is amongst the first for them as well - they mix all kinds of genres together. Sure, it's the same hard rock we're used to - but, it's not so much "Hair band-ish" anymore! They have infused R&B, Rock, Operatic singing...all into a nice package!

The album does have 1 drawback however in my opinion. And, that's the opening track "Chinese Democracy" - the first single of the album, and the one that draws us all into getting it, yep! I'm sorry - but, when ya have to wait about 50 seconds for it to cut off the sound effects, and get into the music - riffs and all - that's a little much. It's about a minute and some in that Axl decides to pop in and make an appearence.

However - i get where the band is going. The CD tells a "Story" - and, it's all in the buildup, and the "come down." The tracks are in Perfect order for that! They know how to build up the anticipation, and keep ya wanting more!

"Better" - track 3 of the CD is amazing as well! It was actually on my repeat for 3 times in a row! It's got sick electric riffs, sick drumming - and, Axl's voice is amazing! It's Hook is catchy as well. I wish i could review better! lol.

"Street Of Dreams" - track 5 on the CD - do i hear Ozzy Osbourne on there as well? I'm not 100% sure on that, but, if it is - amazing! Bery November Rain-ish. Axl seems to be stretching his voice here - seems to be screaming it...but, then again, what's he not? This will likely be the last song at several high school proms next spring.

"If The World" - track Five - very R&B sounding! The beat kinda reminds me of all those 70's porn "Bow-chicka-bow-wow" ya hear about lol. Rose's vocals are front and centre on this one. "If the world would end today all the dreams we had would all just drift away," he sings. I know we're only on the fifth track, but, so far, themes of longing and regret seem to be tying the album together.

"This I Love" - tack Thirteen - Wow! Very operatic! It's like during the wedding in the November Rain video when his wife dies. Doesn't she fall on the wedding cake-knife. That's so sad. Fantastic solo in two parts, the second of which feels very orchestral.

Overall - this CD is a Must OWN! Go out and get it on Sunday when it's released - you will NOT be disappointed!