Canada's Worst Driver 4

Posted by ToxicDoom | Monday, November 10, 2008 |

So it just occurred to me today that Medicine Hat is back on CWD! Amazing lol. We won it a few years ago - and, now - we're back to see if we can dominate it again.

That's prob'ly not saying much about this city lol. But, nonetheless - we actually have a cool driver in season 4 - Ashley Van Ham. She's 21, and was nominated by her husband, Bryan. Here's a little Fact sheet about her!

Ashley Van Ham, 21
Medicine Hat, Alberta
Nominated by husband Bryan

Ashley is a distracted and technically unskilled driver. She cuts people off while she is driving and doesn’t look before she changes lanes. Ashley’s favorite option on her new car is a 110V outlet so she can plug in her curling iron. She has been in six car accidents in just a couple of years. Her husband Bryan has spent well over $15K out of his own pocket to fix her car. She has become a high-risk driver and her license renewal has cost her $1,700. Husband Bryan says they should have divorce papers on hand while driving. She gets upset and frustrated in new driving situations and takes it out on Bryan who in return mocks her. She is dangerously relaxed in her hometown of Medicine Hat, but outside her comfort zone she freaks out.


* Two demerit points away from losing her license
* Has had six accidents in a couple of years
* Constantly argues with Bryan while in the car
* Has forked out nearly $2,000 to renew her license
* Bryan has spent over $15,000 on vehicle damage


* Inability to make her own decisions while driving
* Relies heavily on hubby Bryan


* The safety of her nine-month old baby
* Keeping her license
* Financial costs of her bad driving

I will TRY and have some vids up of her ASAP! Though, with Discovery Canada, it's a little hard! So, bare with me. However, if you're Canadian, and wanna watch some of the episodes - go to and click on the video player. To check out the first episode, you can click Here