Music pulled from the podcast.

Posted by ToxicDoom | Tuesday, November 11, 2008 |

Wow - this is the first time i've ever pulled something from the podcast...and, i'm hoping it's the last. I wanted to get some of the big labels on board, and due to licensing terms, Warner Music artists have been the first to get pulled. I'm very sorry guys, but, i don't want to get a cease & desist letter telling me that i have to remove them anyways. Or, in the worst case scenario, have the podcast pulled.

These are the artists that are currently "In violation". If things change, i will let you guys know. However, as of now - i wanna co-operate with the labels. The list isn't "small" - but, it's not too big right now either :)

  1. Alanis Morissette
  2. Billy Talent
  3. Blue Rodeo
  4. Buck 65
  5. Great Big Sea
  6. Hot Hot Heat
  7. Sarah Slean
  8. Simple Plan
  9. Bif Naked
  10. Barenaked Ladies
  11. Bedouin Soundclash
  12. Big Wreck
  13. Comeback Kid
  14. Cute Is What We Aim For
  15. Daniel Powter
  16. Funeral For A Friend
  17. Gnarls Barkley
  18. Gym Class Heroes
  19. Paramore
  20. Story Of The Year
  21. Tantric
  22. The Academy Is...
  23. The Streets
  24. The Veronicas
  25. Unwritten Law
That's the current list as of tonight. To make up for this list of pulled music, i will be finding more artists and bands to work with! I'm hopeful that in the month's to come that Warner Music Canada will join the team, and that the artists pulled tonight will come back into play sometime in 2009.

But, for now - i value the labels that are working with me, and even the ones that still aren't on board. I wish things could be different, but, that's not the case right now. Nonetheless, Universal Media Group is still among the first big label to work with me - So, more of their music will be added! And, you can still expect all the independent stuff you've come to know and love!

If things change - you will be the first to know! Hopefully this will be the only cut going into the new year - and, the last in the podcast!