Indefinate Hiatus

Posted by ToxicDoom | Saturday, November 29, 2008 |

Hey guys! Just a quick update, cause i dunno how much longer i have in silence lol. It's been a drama filled couple of days here - some people could prob'ly just imagine what's goin' on! But, this isn't the place to talk about it...i might do an entry on the personal blog...but, that's not a "for sure" thing.

The podcast has been put on indefinate hiatus until further notice. I've got a TON of things to worry about right now, and, unfortunately - that doesn't include the podcast. I'm hoping things will calm down here in the next can only hope. I don't like to do this, but when this shit happens...i have to decide what's important offline first, and worry about them first. I wish things were different, but, the fact of the matter is that it's a little worse than i first thought. Kelly (stepmom) isn't here...and, that's how ya know it got bad!

So - i dunno how long i'll be away from the comp - but, i know i have to be up in 7 hours, at help out with dispatching for the delivery company tomorrow...and, i dunno how long i'll have to do that for.

I will find a chance to post about how it's coming along, and how things are going...eventually. And, if ya know the personal blog's addy - check in there too if ya wanna go deeper.

Hopefully this is done by next weekend - i'll be hoping! And, i'll be sure to fill ya all in on how things are comin' along! Don't think i've left, cause, i haven't - and NEVER WILL!!!

Feel free to leave me a message - on myspace, or by email - i'll keep ya all in the loop!