Posted by ToxicDoom | Wednesday, November 05, 2008 |

It took me a couple hours (*cough 6 and a half*) - but, it's now live and official! Let me know what ya think of it!

The subscribe thing in the RIGHT menu is a subscribe thing for the podcast! Just insert your email, and you'll be on your way to getting email updates on when the podcast gets updated! Normally, it would be used for the site - but, why take away visits? :D

There's a new search now - and, i'm working on tabs for the top menu as well. Except for a few minor changes, everything else stayed the same! New links will come - so, don't fear!

Also - in the menu under "Find Me..." - you'll notice a new link! A link to my personal blog! That's right, i actually set one up this morning before i tackled this one. So, if you wanna read more about me and my life...feel free to visit!

Well, i'm gonna go finish off the tweaking to this - and, then i'm done for the night! So, let me know what ya guys think of the new design...and, well, let's see if we can use it to it's full potential!