Problems with commenting

Posted by ToxicDoom | Wednesday, November 05, 2008 |

Pointed out to me earlier, i have a problem with the commenting system here. I'm working on making it easier, trust me! Right now, the only way to comment is to click on the post title to go to that entry's page - and, then scrolling down and clicking "Post a comment"

As soon as i get more of a chance - when i'm not sick - i'll dig deeper into it and see if i can't find the way to do it!

Also, the advertising that's below the posts might be causing it, but, i'm not 100% sure on that one. When i can find the right code for removing it, i'll remove it :)

Lastly - i added the top tabs! They'll open in this window if ya just click on them. If ya want them to open in a new tab, or, new window - you're gonna have to do the long way of right clicking on the tab at the top, and then selecting "Open in new tab (Or, open in new window)".

I'll be looking into fixing that ASAP as well.

Thanks for the support guys, and hope the transition isn't all that bad! Bear with me - and, hopefully tomorrow or friday, i'll be feeling a little better - stupid infection :(

EDIT: I dunno what i did - but, i did something right! There is now a grey bar under the ad's (If ya look closely, it says something like:

So, that does it - the comments are working again! Nonetheless, i still have a little bit more to tweak!