Nico - we KNOW you can dance! Congrats!

Posted by ToxicDoom | Monday, December 08, 2008 | , ,

Nico Archambault, the 24-year-old contemporary and hip-hop dancer from Montreal, Que., has been crowned Canada's very first favourite dancer.

"It's too much," he said the moment he found out. He immediately hugged host Leah Miller. "I'm so proud of you," she said, adding, "You deserve this."

He was nearly speechless backstage. "It just feels like a big exhalation," he said, beaming. "I can't find the words in English to describe this feeling. I am just so happy that I was able to stay until the end," he said with poise and emotion.

From his audition in Montreal, Que., Nico was a contender in the competition, impressing judges and audiences alike with his technically strong movement and passionate performances.

Throughout the competition, the judges commented on Nico's versatility, stage presence and artistry.

"You're the perfect partner," Luther said to Nico earlier in the season.

Special guest judge, Kenny Ortega added to Luther's praise: "You're the reason guys dance. You bring great masculinity and truth."

Not only, does Nico now carry the title of Canada's first favourite dancer, he will also receive the prize of $100,000 and a silver Mercedes C230.

Second place winner, Allie Bertram, 18, Calgary, Alta., was thrilled about Nico's win, "I'm just so proud of Nico. He's been so amazing since the beginning and he hasn't had a bad week. He totally deserves it!"

Allie was ecstatic after the show. "I can't believe I'm Canada's top female dancer. It's just thrilling," she said.

Miles Faber, 21, from Calgary, Alta., and Natalli Reznik, 29, from Toronto, Ont., were third and fourth, respectively.