Tox Returns - and Love for the Zune and Xbox?

Posted by ToxicDoom | Monday, December 08, 2008 |

w00t! Toxic's Back - and, better than ever! Well - minus a damn headset...again. But, i'm not putting it on hold AGAIN just because i don't have a headset. I found one i'm getting for MY birthday present to me *Sigh....*

wow...6 days...can't believe that shit. I can actually hear the "Happy happy, joy joy" song in my head oO - if that don't take ya back to the early 90s, i dunno what will! If i got the song stuck in your head - i did my part :)

So, yea, i guess this week, i should make up for the month and some i've been gone. Think of me with no mic/headset as a way of...."Testing my signal" - fuck...if Rock 105.3 can do it here, i can get away with it til middle of the month! :P

So, you're prob'ly wondering something, right? "Why the Fuck is there a Zune logo in your post, Tox?" Well, the answer is quite simple! I've been toying around with the software. Why the hell would i do this? Cause, i have an Xbox 360 that just got overhauled with the NXE (Or, New Xbox Experience) - and, i was looking for a much easier, and better sounding way to stream my audio and video to my 360. And, i have found the trick! I gotta keep toying with it though, but, have found a new kind of "Medium" for the podcast....and, here it is!

With Version 3.0 of the Software (Go get it, if ya don't have it from HERE) and, you'll find out how useful it is - even if ya don't have a Zune...but, happen to have a 360, and you're using the crappy Windows Media Centre Extender to stream. This is just so much better. The only thing that lacks....the assortment of movies with different Codecs. Why the hell can't they just support .Avi streaming already! I'm getting sick and tired of all this damn conversion!

Once ya get over that though - this is the neat thing!

You can use Zune software to Subscribe to and playback podcasts - and, then since they're added in your collection, and ya set up Xbox Sharing mode - EVERYTHING! Will stream from your PC, and show up in your Xbox dashboard! So, in theory, you could listen to Toxic TuneZ right from your Xbox if ya wanted to, when ya subscribe to it!

The Quality is AMAZING! Both Video and Audio podcasts that ya subscribe to in the Zune software, when streamed to the's absolutely mind-blowing! I can't believe the quality! Even better than some of the movies or, show downloads on the marketplace!

So, go check it out! And, if you use Zune Software - you can actually go right into it, select Podcasts and then, basically push the "Add A Podcast" button, and paste this right in there: and it'll download all the episodes, and add them to your collection!

Next time you hook up your 360, it'll sync from the comp, to the console - and, you can put me in "Party mode" with the full screen Visualizations! It's like Pot - for your eyes! lol.