Pentagon War Against the Internet

Posted by ToxicDoom | Wednesday, January 07, 2009 | ,

I found this on - click that link to go to the full story! I found this very interesting to say the least. Interesting, yet screwed up. I'm not gonna post the full story...but, bits and pieces of it. If ya want the full story, click on the link. The reason i'm not gonna post the full story is because this also deserves my two cents.

As far as the Pentagon is concerned the internet is not all bad, after all, it was the Department of Defense through DARPA that gave us the internet in the first place. The internet is useful not only as a business tool but also is excellent for monitoring and tracking users, acclimatizing people to a virtual world, and developing detailed psychological profiles of every user, among many other Pentagon positives. But, one problem with the current internet is the potential for the dissemination of ideas and information not consistent with US government themes and messages, commonly known as free speech. Naturally, since the plan was to completely dominate the “infosphere,” the internet would have to be adjusted or replaced with an upgraded and even more Pentagon friendly successor.

A renowned Russian author, Dmitry Glukhovsky, told Russia Today the internet may very well be in decline. “Glukhovsky predicted that the network would become clogged with traffic and may grind to a halt in the near future,” writes Steve Watson. “We have previously warned that the rumors of the internet’s decline have been much exaggerated and used as a pretext for calls to designate of a new form of the internet known as Internet 2.”

This “clean slate” and “appropriate content” agenda dovetails with the objectives of the Pentagon as it “fights the net” and strives to disseminate “good stories,” that is to say counter the research of “well-informed online writers” with pro-government propaganda.

Now, my 2 cents. I cannot believe that the U.S. Government wants to go down THIS bloody road! All to do what, exactly? To have the FCC filter and regulate the internet...just like it does to TV and Radio? What the hell is next? You're gonna start breathing for us? Or, is it gonna be like that episode of family guy where the FCC moves in and regulates them. Talk about trying to make everyone robots - and, having us think alike!

I thought that was the point of the internet. I thought that was the point of blogs, and personal websites...and, not just facebook, myspace, twitter....etc. I thought the point of the internet was to have many different points of views - and, many different places to not only get news, but also, a way to meet people who share your points of views - or, at least people you can have debates with.

Now, the government wants to try and control thoughts - and, ideas. Who the FUCK in their right bloody mind thought "Hey! I know! Let's censor this shit, and stop people who have opinions!"

At first, i thought maybe the guy - or, girl - who opted this to the pentagon - was more concerned about what their kids might be reading. But, ya get further into the story....and, it's not that at all! To basically put the "Good" sites on the "fast internet" - and, the "Junk" pages that they deem "BAD" - get tossed basically into what they call the "junkyard". Wow....i never woulda thought the internet would be divided just like a horrid city - the good live in 1 area, the bad live in the poor, tattered shit-hole.

Ya know - Ok, i can understand it in 1 fuckin sense of this - and, ONLY 1! That 1 area where i can understand them filtering content is terrorist shit. Anything terrorist related, sure. If someone's talking about bombing something, or blowing shit all means! That doesn't necessarily mean taking it off the just means...maybe you should possibly keep that person off the internet.

Think about it this way....if they're gonna filter the internet...think what that means. Torrents are gonna go away. And, i'm not just talking the "Illegal" ones - i'm talking LEGAL torrents...the torrents these small companies or independent bands release. You can prob'ly say goodbye to internet radio stations as we know it - not to mention podcasts like mine with "Explicit" content. Basically, anything - or, anybody with a different fuckin opinion than the FCC or Pentagon has....goes in the junkyard.

Now, i'm thankful that i live in Canada...because, as far as i know - the government here isn't thinking about this kind of shit. We actually have more important things to worry about. Granted, i can say a LOT about Steven Harper (Who i used to be on sides with...but, not so much anymore.) But, i can say if the Canadian government is actually gonna start contemplating this...i'm gonna go ape shit, and do something, moving outta this damn country!

Last thing i'll say - it's 1 thing for the U.S. to start contemplating going into a North American Union - but, when the fuck did American's wake up in...Asia. Yea...if ya didn't know, some parts of Asia put blocks and filters on Websites that they deem "inappropriate". I didn't know 1 day it would come to this.

Leave your comments on this story! I wanna hear your thoughts on this - go read the full story if ya want to as well, and then leave a comment! I know how i feel - now, it's your turn :)